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Hostelbooker’s 7 Super Shots

Looking through old pictures is one of the best ways to reflect. Our choices about what to photograph speak volumes about ourselves at that time in our lives. When Christine in Spain proposed that I take part in Hostelbooker’s 7 Super Shots I knew that it wouldn’t be easy for me to decide on the photos. This is not because I have too many super shots to choose from– if anything  it’s the opposite! I think that sharing a picture with the world is personal– it’s more than just a pretty landscape or travel souvenir. Pictures are one of the most important ways that I connect the past and present, reflect on my 25 years of life, and create my dreams for the future. So here are my 7 super shots, carefully chosen and hoping you enjoy:

A Photo That Takes My Breath Away

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dusk in Amsterdam

Before investing in a decent camera and reading some great tutorials, I’d just snap away, assuming that my pictures would capture more or less what I was seeing. Now, looking through my old pictures, I yearn to return to all of the beautiful places I’ve been and take pictures with a fresh eye. This shot was taken on the canals of Amsterdam and was one of those lucky moments where all of the elements aligned and left me with a stunning shot. The sun had just set and Amsterdam was transitioning into its exciting nighttime personality. I’ll always wonder about the owner of the yellow bike with the decorative basket…

A Photo That Makes Me Laugh or Smile

Cadiz, Spain

Bella Ready for Cadiz

When my family comes to visit us in Spain I always try my best to get them to see the country as I do, encouraging them to appreciate things that tourists often miss. For my wedding last summer my entire family came to Alejandro’s small city— even Isabella, my two-year-old neice. As someone who had dreamed of traveling abroad  since childhood, it was amazing to see Bella experience a new culture without even realizing it. I loved watching her try Spanish foods and enjoy the sightseeing with the rest of us. Here we are on the ferry from El Puerto de Santa María to Cadiz and she’s enjoying her breakfast– freshly baked bread!

A Photo That Makes Me Dream

 Tulum, Mexico

Beach Paradise

Visiting breathtaking Tulum, Mexico was one of the best day trips I’ve ever taken. Looking at the pictures from Tulum’s ruins (and from the Riviera Maya in general) make me dream of visiting again. The bright blue Caribbean waters are incredibly breathtaking. I’m ready to go back anytime!

A Photo That Makes Me Think

Seville, Spain

A Mix of Tradition and Techonology

This little boy is marching in Seville’s Semana Santa, whose Holy Week Processions are arguably the most famous in the world. I find this shot the ultimate representation of Seville’s culture– most young children are swept up in the Semana Santa traditions long before they understand the history and religious significance of the events. This child is a mix of old and new, dressed in the traditional costume of his family’s brotherhood while playing on his mother’s cell phone.

A Photo That Makes My Mouth Water

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A Dessert Worth the Calories

I searched my archives for my best food photography, but I decided to leave the gorgeous tapas, thin sliced serrano ham, and markets full of fruits and vegetables for this: a slice of Key Lime Pie. While living abroad and traveling often I am exposed to some phenomenal, interesting and beautiful food. But as an expat, I miss a great slice of pie!

A Photo That Tells A Story

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Feliz Cumpleaños Abuelo!

In 2007 I stayed with a retired Argentine couple as I studied for a semester in dynamic Buenos Aires. Elena and Gustavo were some of the warmest people I’ve ever met. Immediately welcomed into their family, here we were at Grandfather’s birthday party– 4 generations sharing his special day.

A Photo That I Am Most Proud Of (A National Geographic Shot)

Calafate, Argentina

Wind Shaped Trees in Patagonia

I don’t think I have any pictures worthy of National Geographic, but I’m working on it! Despite my shortcomings, I love this shot, taken in Patagonia, Argentina also back in 2007 with my first point and shoot camera. It’s proof that sometimes the scenery is just so gorgeous that no photography skill is necessary! I’d love to return to these windswept trees one day with my husband.

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  1. says

    Gorgeous photos!! My favorite was the one taken in Argentina, it really does seem to tell a story. I lreally ove memorable pictures like that, that tell of a time, place, and people.

  2. says

    Have you seen Dexter? Your key lime pie photo made me think of Dexter. (Oops!) Bella is super cute! I love kids. I would love to see some of my cousin’s kids get to experience Spain. Their viewpoint would just be precious.

    Your photos are great. I really love this meme, and I’ve been tagged–so I should do it. Anyway, great photos, Lauren!

  3. says

    When I saw you had completed the 7 Super Shots, I immediately wondered which pic you would choose for “A Photo That Makes My Mouth Water.” (the pie does look delish!)

    I’m especially enamored of that last photo–simple, classic, and beautiful.

    Thanks for the tag! It won’t be easy to narrow down the pics but I’m up for a challenge.

  4. Kate says

    Hi Lauren! I’m new to your blog and am catching up on all your old posts. (In case you’re curious, I got here by way of Cat Gaa’s blog. Cat’s a good friend I met when I taught abroad in Sevilla.) All your pictures are fabulous, but the one that most caught my eye is definitely the one of the key lime pie–my all-time favorite dessert!! You must tell me where you got that from so I can give it a try sometime. Anyway, keep up the stellar writing. Reading your stories definitely helps soothe the ache in my heart the size (and exact shape) of Spain.

    • says

      Hi Kate! Thanks for reading! The pie is from an excellent restaurant on the Cape called Pisces. Do you live in Massachusetts? Key Lime pie of one of my all-time favorites too!


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