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wine tour Valencia
Food and wine tours in the interior of Valencia and Aragon.

While busy launching my own business, Madrid Food Tour, I have been lucky enough to virtually “meet” other like-minded entrepreneurs. Today I want to put the spotlight on Paddy and Julia of the company The Spanish Thyme Traveller. They have recently started their business, which offers cultural and gastronomic tours in the interior of Valencia and Aragon. Well-prepared with over 20 years of priceless insider knowledge, their tours offer an incredible mix of food, wine, nature, and history. Basically, they provide a mix everything I love! I know that I will definitely be paying Paddy and Julia a visit the next time I’m in Valencia, and I hope that you will too!

Cultural and Food Tours in the Interior of Valencia

Valencia Food Tour
Julia and Paddy– expert tour guides!

Who We Are

Firstly I should introduce myself and my wife Julia. We run The Spanish Thyme Traveller, a holiday company that organises cultural and food tours in the Valencia and Teruel area. My name is Paddy Waller. I am British and first came to live in Spain in 1982 for two years, when I met my wife Julia, who is Spanish, and it was then that I got hooked on Spain. Julia is from Murcia, a region in the SE of Spain and has a truly Mediterranean outlook to life. She has also lived in the UK for eight years so her English is excellent. After years working for multinationals we decided to start running our own company doing something we love. So with our kids all grown up we embarked on the project!

Gorgeous Xativa, Spain.

 Our Expertise

We have lived and worked in Xativa, Spain for the last 20 years. Our passion is Spain and its lifestyle. We have travelled extensively throughout Spain, discovering hidden villages, regional food, and all types of wine. Our local knowledge of Valencia and the surrounding areas is excellent; it’s an accumulation of years of living, walking, eating and visiting in the region. Together, we have created tours that are genuinely Spanish and allow you to experience the local way of life up close.


Our star tour is The Borgias Tour

The Borgias were originally from the town of Xativa in Valencia, a province on the eastern side of Spain and this tour introduces you to the area with a mixture of history, culture, local food and wine tasting.

You’ll visit the imposing 14th century Monastery of San Jeronimo near Gandia, where the Borgia family established a base for their family fortunes. You’ll explore Xativa, the elegant and historic capital of the region, and home of the Borgias.  A guided tour of the medieval quarter and the castle is included. You’ll discover the Moorish caves, a unique stone carved bullring, try some of the local pastries in Bocairent, gaze at the views from the fortified hilltop town built by the Iberos before the Roman invasion of Spain and sample the wine at the local bodegas.

valencia vineyards
Valencia’s beautiful vineyards.

This tour is a combination of relaxation and exploration and the chance to indulge in the local gastronomic delights in a beautiful part of Spain. You’ll get to know an area of Spain that hasn’t had the Costa del Sol treatment; you won’t fall over tourists and tacky nick-knacks, you’ll hear mainly Spanish, not English, spoken, you’ll eat the food the locals enjoy, and you’ll stay in small independent hotels offering a friendly welcome with genuine Spanish hospitality.

Hotel Mont Sant
Hotel Mont Sant is one of The Spanish Thyme Traveller’s picks.

This tour is ideal for people who want to learn about the region while they experience the culture, the people and the food. It includes two 2.5 hour walks, and although these are not tough, the terrain can be a little complicated, so good mobility is essential.

Teruel tapas
Tempting tapas in Teruel, Spain.

We only work in small groups and although we have our regular tours like The Borgias Tour, we also do tailor-made trips for groups. For example, if a customer has a small group and they want to do a tour that is more wine orientated or they want to visit more historical monuments we can design it specifically with their wishes incorporated. Our detailed knowledge of the area means we can design the perfect trip for each group. Just drop a line or ring us to see what we can do for you.

Above all we believe in sharing our passion for Spain and its culture and ensuring that our customers enjoy the experience of authentic Spain.

Contact Paddy or Julia to find out more about their awesome tours!


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    I will be in Valencia November 3-6, and am eager to sign up for some exceptionally interesting tours in and outside the city. I am interested in learning the local history, culture , food and wine. I am looking for a keenly knowledgeable guide, in a small group setting, to immerse myself in the Spanish culture. I am physically fit and love food and wine. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you, Adele Bloomfield

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    We will be traveling from US to London, Paris and Barcelona in 10 days December 22-2nd. We want to know about food tours in Barcelona and any tips you may have. Thank you.

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