Rocambolesc: Jordi Roca’s Ice Cream with a Twist

Rocambolesc ice cream cups

Searching for ice-cream with a wow factor? It's worth the trip to Jordi Roca's Rocambolesc. After the TBEX Castle Party I was already a huge fan of the Roca brothers. I mean, as owners of the second best restaurant in the world, it's not like they needed to cater the … [Read more...]

Where to Eat in Girona: La Vedette

Savory Galette at La Vedette

When Ale and I arrived in lovely Girona (also called Gerona in English) we were starving. Luckily, we'd had a half hour bus ride (plus a 45 minute wait) from the Girona Airport to our hotel to figure out exactly where we would go. Looking back, we probably should have checked out … [Read more...]

Why Attend a Travel Blogging Conference: TBEX Castle Party

Castell de Sant Gregori

Human Towers and Creative Cuisine in a 12th Century Castle! When your conference opens with a castle party, catered by the brothers who own the second best restaurant in the world, you pinch yourself. How could it be, you wonder, that your job is so cool? I mean, people … [Read more...]

Getting to Know Girona

Girona Spain

To be perfectly honest, the first time I heard of Girona I thought people were talking about a city in Italy. This was a few years ago and, despite having explored much of Spain since then, I knew very little about Catalonia, Spain's northeasternmost province, until I had the … [Read more...]