The 3 Places You Can’t Miss in Extremadura

Puente Romano Merida

Extremadura, Spain is a place my friends back home in the US have never heard of. For them, Spain is limited to Madrid, Barcelona, soccer, tapas and sangría-- with the occasional (more cultured) friend mentioning bullfighting or flamenco. But when I started writing about my … [Read more...]

Mérida’s Roman Ruins – Remnants of Ancient Civilization

Merida Roman Theater

Mérida, Spain is another destination in Extremadura that far surpassed my expectations. The city itself is underwhelming—its 40,000 residents make due with their rather run-down city center. But when you imagine ancient Mérida (Augusta Emérita), the capitol of the Roman province … [Read more...]

Stale Bread, Pumpkin, and Blood: Delicious Eats in Extremadura

One of the most fun types of Spanish cheeses is Torta del Casar, a spreadable cheese that is eaten from the top down!

I travel by taste, and most of my trips are planned around what to eat and where to eat it. Like all Spanish regions, Extremadura has its own culinary specialties-- and they are good. We were lucky to have time to sample plenty of delicious regional dishes, cured meats, and … [Read more...]

Visiting Cáceres in 24 Hours

Historic Cáceres

It was a challenge. We had 24 hours to visit Cáceres, Spain, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to a long list of must-see monuments. Armed with some travel tips from our friend Will, we set out to conquer Cáceres and prove that 24 hours was plenty of time to enjoy a new … [Read more...]

Trujillo: A Stroll Through Spain’s Most Romantic Village

Semana Santa Trujillo

Sometimes in our travels we are lucky enough to go somewhere without having digitally “been there” first. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my favorite bloggers’ detailed descriptions of the exciting destinations I’ve yet to explore and could spend hours watching the videos on Matador, … [Read more...]