Best Bites of 2012

Homemade pasta with white truffles

My favorite food experiences from the past year. We are already more than a week into 2013, but it feels like just yesterday I was stuffing grapes in my mouth as the clock struck midnight. After an "early" Spanish New Year's Eve disco night (we got home at 8:00 a.m. and I'm … [Read more...]

Il Convento dei Fiori di Seta Bologna: A Hotel with History

convent keys Bologna

Il Convento dei Fiori di Seta The Silk Flower Nunnery Hotel in Bologna The best hotel experiences are enjoyed when we stop thinking of the hotel as simply a place to rest our heads after a long day. They happen when we make an effort to get to know a staff member, or when we … [Read more...]

Best Food Tour in Bologna: Golosa Italia

Parmesan cheese

Tasting the Best of Bologna with Golosa Italia Culinary Factory Tours For those of you who write, you might know how it is to have writer's block, to be afraid to write a story or article because the experience was multisensory, simply beyond words. That is how I feel about … [Read more...]

Staying in Bologna: The Aemilia Hotel and Ristorante Gurmé

Italian dessert

Visiting Bologna is a food lover's dream come true. You've already seen how we started our trip by making homemade tortelloni at 10:00 a.m., and in future weeks we'll be sharing more of the incredible sights and cuisine of Bologna and the Bolognese countryside. From some of the … [Read more...]

The Art of Making Homemade Pasta in Bologna


Creating a Bolognese Masterpiece with Taste of Italy Cooking Classes There are certain things that the average home cook just doesn't make from scratch, and pasta is definitely one of them. I remember the day I saw an episode of Top Chef where one of the contestants whipped up … [Read more...]