Finally Free

Today I start my vacations! No work! No children! Still in bed at 10:30! Yayyyyy!

December is always a busy month, although here in Spain I haven’t done nearly as much shopping, baking, or Christmas related things as I would have in the US. I definitely miss baking cookies, (and eating them), visiting with friends and family, seeing little Bella afraid of Santa Claus, the Sutton Chain of Lights, being warm in front of the fireplace, and good Christmas sales. I don’t miss shopping in crowded malls, the freezing cold when you go outside or enter your car, having to drive everywhere, having to drive in the snow, being cold (again)…

I decided to stay here this Christmas because of all the potential weather and flight problems I could have going home. Last year was a nightmare, and I didn’t want to go through that again. I now feel I’ve made the right choice since the news is full of stories about airport closings and bad weather throughout all of europe!

I do, however, miss home a lot. I wish I could be there. But I’m lucky that Ale’s family is great and I will be comfortable and definitely well-fed! Hey, if it’s nice weather we’ll even get to take nice walks on the beach… a first for me at Christmas!

The empty beach in El Puerto in December.

Spanish people usually eat with their families on Christmas Eve. In Cadiz, they have a mix of cheeses, Iberian ham, jumbo shrimp and other simple but delicious appetizers to start, followed by a main course that could be seafood, turkey, lamb, or chicken… basically anything, although it’s usually something more special than what they eat daily.

Although you’ve seen one of my last posts on the evil fish my suegra made us, in reality I’m spoiled with her cooking. Ale came home from a visit with meatballs in red sauce and in garlic sauce, stuffed eggplant, garbanzo stew, asparagus in sauce, and beef stew. She doesn’t stray from her comfort zone, but she cooks well.

Needless to say, I’m lucky. For Christmas I bought her a cookbook from one of the Spanish chefs that she likes to watch on TV. I figure that if she uses it, I’ll have more great food to try and bring home, and if she doesn’t, I’ll steal it back!

Merry December!

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