Christmas Lights in Madrid 2011

The Perfect Walking Route to See the Christmas Lights in Madrid


It’s Christmas time in Madrid…


and that means that despite the “crisis” the city is must to show its Christmas spirit with its annual Christmas lights. Placed strategically around the shopping areas in the city center, these lights are quite pretty and going to see them is the perfect excuse for an evening stroll. So bundle up, wear comfortable shoes, and work up an appetite on the perfect walking route to see this year’s lights in Madrid!

Where to start: Puerta de Alcalá


Start the walking route at the beautifully decorated Puerta de Alcalá. I just love the doves– aren’t they pretty?

Cross the street to Calle Serrano


Calle Serrano is full of different colored, modern looking lights. I really liked them, although they were hard to photograph!

The best photo ops are in the middle of the street but Ale got really nervous every time I tried to take one while crossing!

On Calle Serrano you can also window shop the many gorgeous displays.

See the chandeliers on Calle José Ortega y Gasset


These pretty lamps light up one of Madrid’s most exclusive streets.

See the shimmering snowflakes at El Corte Inglés


Isn’t consumerism pretty at Christmastime?

Another middle of the street attempt…

Loop around to Paseo de la Castellana


The lights on la Castellana aren’t too impressive, but some of the hotels have a nice display.

When you make it to Cibeles, turn right on Calle de Alcalá & Continue to Gran Vía


Everyone seems confused about Gran Vía’s New York City skyline theme…

But as the traffic races by it’s still gorgeous at night!

Stroll along Gran Vía until Callao and take a left on Calle Preciados


I don’t have any great pictures of this area because I was so distracted by all of the shopping!

Finally, you’ll arrive to La Plaza del Sol


And you’ll see Madrid’s Christmas Tree!

You’ll be cold and tired so make your way down Calle Carretas…


Make one last stop in the Christmas market in La Plaza de Jacinto Benavente

And, finally, treat yourself to some well deserved Churros y Chocolate at Cafe Pozo

The End!

It’s a long walk, but I really enjoyed it. The Christmas lights in Madrid are beautiful and fun to photograph. There are also lots of shops and cafes to stop in on the way to warm up! Just be careful shopping on Calle Serrano!

Where is your favorite place to see Christmas lights? 


  1. …and when you are warm and rejuvenated after your churros, see the bubble lights down C/Mayor, stop in the super cutre Mercadillo in Plaza Mayor, then stop in Mercado San Miguel for some wine and snacks (because you are hungry and cold again). Cross back over C/Mayor toward Opera and enjoy the beautiful lights as you walk down C/ Arenal… then see my favorite, the “exploding” lights over C/ Montera, cross Gran Vía and walk into Plaza de Chueca. Those rainbow ribbon lights are beautiful!

  2. The lantern-like lights in Calle Serrano are lovely and my heart stopped at the picture of the Tienda de Chocolate, haha. This is such a cheer-y post, Lauren. 🙂

  3. It’s so clear you’ve taken the advice from the photgraphy booklet to heart! I bought it and read through it this weekend, though I won’t have the camera until I go home for Christmas! What a great idea for a post!

    1. I have… taking pictures is addicting and the more I learn the more I want to know! Isn’t the book a great resource? I can’t wait until you get the camera because I know you will take amazing pics (you already do with your point and shoot!) Miss you!

  4. Beautiful post and great photos! I’m disappointed I won’t see Christmas lights with my own eyes in Madrid (but I have a pretty good idea from your photos) but I’m curious to see the decorations in Barcelona!

  5. This is the perfect post we are going to Spain for Christmas to visit my husband’s family it’s been 10 years since we’ve both been back! Our daughters are so excited about the trip and this is definitely on our to do list! Thx again awesome post 🙂

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