My Spain Story: Getting Ready For My Spanish Wedding

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Fotografía María Benitez

My Wedding in Spain: June 3, 2011

It came so fast! After 6 months of careful planning– finding a nice venue,  buying my dress, organizing a menu, searching for flights to Spain for friends and family, and surviving a hair trial gone wrong– the big day was finally here. I was nervous!

The night before I went for a run on the beach alone to reflect and relax. Later, I spent the night at my sister and best friend’s rental condo. Despite having a non-traditional wedding, Ale and I wanted to spend the night apart and see each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle. With butterflies in my stomach, I took a long bath and carefully wrote my bilingual vows.

The wedding ceremony would begin at 7:00 in nearby Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz. Momento Andaluz had set up our small event at La Estancia Golf de Novo Sancti Petri, a small Spanish golf club in the middle of nowhere– perfect for a nightlong celebration.

My family and I headed over to our hotel, the beautiful Barceló Sancti Petri, to check-in, get ready, and relax before the big event. We were also meeting my aunt, uncle and cousin who were vacationing in nearby Malaga, and could luckily make the 4 hour drive down to Cadiz.

Soon after checking in, María Benitez arrived and I was officially worry-free. I knew that María– an amazing Spanish wedding photographer– would take care to capture every special moment. And she did…

The Details

Fotografía María Benitez

I chose bright blue shoes for something fun and different, adorning them with sparkly shoe clips. My veil was cream colored lace and absolutely gorgeous, I think I love it more than my dress! Our wedding bands are simple, white gold with a small diamond in the center of mine.

I was so lucky to have my mother-in-law do my hair– although she tugged awfully hard at times. I was nervous but my trust prevailed. I did my own makeup, however!

María Benitez

On the left I read a handwritten letter from my mother. She wished me well on this special day and in the future as a married woman. On the right my niece Bella and I both put on our makeup.

María Benitez Fotografía

The boys had to get ready too– talk about a transformation, right? Qué guapos!

Fotografía María Benitez

Fotografía María Benitez

In the meantime, I continued with my own transformation, and my cutie pie, Bella, snuck in a snack.

María Benitez Fotografía

On the left, I speak with my grandmother, who couldn’t make it all the way to Spain. She wishes me well. Later, Isabella gives me some advice as well! Ale and his friends finish up their photo shoot before making their way to the golf club. It was almost time!

Fotografía María Benitez

My mother-in-law and her sister came back to get me dressed looking gorgeous and ever so Spanish!

Fotografía María Benitez

It was time for the dress.

Fotografía María Benitez

Fotografía María Benitez

And then, the painful process of putting in the veil.

Fotografía María Benitez

Fotografía María Benitez

Lastly, the blue shoes.

Fotografía María Benitez

Up and away, into the car we go!

We drove along the bumpy back roads and my excitement and nerves grew with each twist and turn– I don’t like being the center of attention and was about to walk down the aisle with all eyes on me! We had joked about standing everyone up– catching the next Easyjet flight to one of the Spanish islands, eloping, and  hiding out there. Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a bad idea…

But suddenly we were there. At first I was confused– the ceremony was supposed to be in the back of the club, I was supposed to have time to re-gloss, breath, and walk when I was ready. But everyone was waiting out front on the lawn; the strong winds had caused the location to change! Too excited to care at that point, I took a few minutes in the car (Ale later informed me that he had begun to worry a little, poor guy!) and finally, stepped out to get married!

Fotografía María Benitez

Fotografía María Benitez

Off I go!

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Photo Credits: All the photos in this post (except Bella putting on makeup) are by María Benitez. You can see more of our wedding pictures by María here, or just wait for the next post in this series!


  1. You had such a lovely, lovely ceremony (I cried – hard – at your vows and Ale’s!!) and you looked so composed! Such great memories!!!

  2. First of all, you take fantastic photos, are/were you a photographer (pro or amateur)?

    Secondly, I’m a straight guy but I have to admit: those shoes are friggin’ awesome, the blue is just absolutely lovely, perfect for that day with that dress and everything.

    Lastly, I think maybe your mother-in-law was might have been saying “don’t mess with my son, I can pull your hair out” 😛

    Anyway, great post and congratulations, Spain is the perfect place to have a wedding (hate to say it, but it’s probably a bit more aesthetically conducive for that sort of thing than Boston would’ve been, haha).


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