Eating Chinchón

Only a short drive from busy Madrid there is a small, quiet town where you truly feel that time has stood still. As you wind through the narrow streets into the oval shaped Plaza Mayor, you can’t help but fall in love with Chinchón.

But not only is Chinchón the perfect place for a day trip from Madrid, it is also one of the area’s most exciting food destinations— though at first glance its gastronomic delights may be hard to find.

Here’s what to look for in Chinchón:


Garlic chinchon

Spain produces over half of Europe’s garlic, and Chinchón is the heart and soul of the production of this essential vegetable. All around the Plaza Mayor you’ll see people selling mounds of high quality garlic at bargain prices. Stock up and roast the heads of garlic with a nice baguette.

Anisette Liqueur

Anis liqueur

Dry or sweet? All day long you’ll see Chinchón residents take to one of the terraces in the Plaza Mayor for an espresso and shot of Chinchón. If you visit in the winter, it is the perfect way to warm up!


Wine glasses

The Madrid wine region is quickly gaining worldwide recognition, and Chinchón is home to various bodegas. While the wines of Madrid used to be considered inferior to those of other regions and used mostly for small town festivals, talented enologists are working hard to change its reputation.



From freshly made donuts stuffed with cream to anis flavored cookies galore, Chinchón has a history of baking. A recent discovery was this anis flavored pastry, which I’m pretty sure had pork rind in there too! Sweet and savory…

Anis Pastry
Anisette and pork pastry.



Broad beans, peas, artichokes, zucchini, garlic sprouts, and more. Chinchón is home to some of Spain’s best seasonal vegetables. Luckily everything is available here in Madrid!

A Taste of Chinchón

Recently, I attended a luncheon sponsored by the mayor of Chinchón and various restaurants. They prepared a menu that highlighted the area’s specialties. Here is what we tasted:

Garlic sprouts and potatoes
Young garlic sprouts and potatoes.
Mushrooms and Eggs
Seasonal mushrooms and eggs.
Porkloin artichokes
Pork with roasted garlic, baby carrots, and seasonal artichokes.
Torrijas, Spanish style French Toast– optional to have it flambeed with anisette!

If you live in Madrid a visit to Chinchón every now and again is an absolute must. You can rent a car from Enterprise for next to nothing if you go with four people, and it’s the best way to admire the gorgeous scenery and stop at a couple of wineries. When you go, I recommend trying the restaurant La Recua del Pelicano, and buying a pastry in the Plaza Mayor with a coffee and a shot of the dry anisette to wash it down.

Have you ever been to Chinchón?


  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Chinchón since my husband first brought me there 4 years ago. We both love it so much that we got married there & call it our adopted pueblo. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!! The wines from Madrid are excellent! We go to several ecological bodegas to purchase cases of wine a few times a year.

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