Lapland: Wild Adventures

Lapland snow

Talking about the wilderness and not mentioning Lapland is inexcusable! Ask anyone who has been, the virgin expanse of land in Lapland is the very definition of winter wilderness, and something you simply must see once. You’ll be transcended to a winter paradise, with white sheets of snow spread out over the horizon, like icing on a wedding cake. With an adventurous spirit, this place is the place for you to embrace nature. And what better time to marvel the wilderness of Lapland and the Arctic Circle than during the twilight period of winter, when the sun does not rise above the ground?


It is fantastic way to make your way over the snowy landscape with frosty trees glued to their roots, and explore the serenity all around. All you need is a license and the snowmobile is yours to be rented and taken. In the deep snowy regions you can visit the reindeer farms, and then go to the lakes for fishing. But it’s not quite normal fishing– these lakes are blanketed with sheet of ice. You need to break the ice, throw in your bait and wait, and if you are lucky you may get your prized fish. Then, you can make a campfire and cook your outdoor meal in the stillness of nature. It will be meal you don’t simply eat and forget, but rather a memory you’ll carry with you throughout your life.

Downhill Skiing

The Lapland region in Finland is blessed with a wide expanse of snow clad hills, making it ideal for you to put on your skis and zoom down the slopes. You can take a relaxed approach and gently ski down or be more adventurous and try difficult slopes to navigate, depending on your bravery and adventurous spirit. You can even get a helicopter to the hilltop and then ski down the powdery snow for the thrill of your life. You have an entire ten kilometres of slopes to ski down here! There are lift services to use as well. The slopes are especially taken care of to keep them in good condition for skiing. Getting a joint ski pass is a convenient tip, as it gives you access to ski down a number of ski resorts.


This is another thrill of the snowy slopes which has fun written all over it. It is a fast and vibrant way to see the sights. It is not only the slopes where you can snowboard– the ski resorts have half-pipes, which are pipes split open to form a snow chute of about 100 metres in length, making platforms for sport lovers to exhibit their jumping skills. And, if you want to take snowboarding to a different level, you can go for snowboarding on the forest slopes. But, you need to take advice from the locals on the conditions, and be very sure of what you are doing– and then just go for it!

Husky Sledge ride

Another thrill awaiting you in the Lapland wilderness, this exhilarating ride is worth taking. You get pulled by husky dog sled team, and it is an experience of its own and an ideal way to explore the arctic region and enjoy its beauty.

But to satisfy your adventurous cravings you first need to get to Lapland, and the best way to arrive to the snowy land is by starting right from The White Circle.

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