Unearthing the Holiday Secrets of Magaluf

Majorca beach umbrella
Majorca has great weather year round!

Is this your first time hearing about Magaluf?  Then you’ll surely be satisfied with what you are about to hear. One of the best beach holidays you can experience is waiting for you in Magaluf. If you want to explore more, then read on!

Located on the majestic Spanish Island of Majorca, Magaluf is renowned around for its pristine beaches, making it one of the most ideal beach holiday destinations. If you’re looking to spend a memorable summer, then explore these Magaluf holiday hot spots.

Pump-up Your Water Adventure

If you’re bringing your kids with you on your holiday to Magaluf, make this your very first stop. Your kids will surely love to enjoy the warm pool waters of the Western Water Park. This resort offers a variety of amenities that cater to your adventurous kids and us adults as well.

For the kids, Western Water Park features the Children’s Paradise, Daky Park, and the Lago La Mina. These shallow pools are safe and ideal for carefree playing for the kids.

The adults will surely have fun as well enjoying activities like the Tam Tam Splash, Multipistas, Huracan (Hurricane Slides), Big Hole and thrilling Mega Slide. For the more adventurous types, you can test your bravery by trying the Los 4 Diablos, Tornado, Tijuana Twins, The Beast, and the Boomerang.

A Unique Theme Park Experience

Your kids will surely love your entire Magaluf holiday experience. If you think the adventure in Magaluf ends at the Western Water Park, then you haven’t been in Katmandu Park. Established since 2007, this is one of Magaluf’s well-loved tourist attractions, particularly for families spending a holiday in Magaluf. When visiting this park, be sure to try the following activities.

Get lost in Katmandu Park’s “The House”, where you get to see weirdly beautiful work of arts like a big tree trunk with bulky eyes or the blue cactus like orbs. You can also experience 4D mini shows. If something scary is more at par with your sense of adventure, then by all means enter “The Asylum” and have the wits scared out of you. “The Desperado” part of the Katmandu Park will test the cowboy in you, as this park features an interactive shooting experience.

Hit the Beach

Since Magaluf is world renowned for its pristine beaches, it’s only fitting that you discover the best beaches that it can offer. First you have the Magaluf Beach proper. This is perhaps one of the most popular beaches on this coast.

Another beach worth going to is the Cala Vinyes, and is one of the known quiet beaches compared to its counterparts. The coziness of this beach is attributed to the fact that it’s small compared to other Magaluf beaches; which can make an ideal family beach to visit when spending holidays in this part of the Spanish coast.

If you want a crowded and beach scene, full of life, then Playa de Magaluf is the best beach to go to. Known in Magaluf as the longest beach, Playa de Magaluf is also the most popular. The best thing about going to popular beaches like this is that they offer all of your basic beach amenities like showers, lounge chairs, toilets, and pedal boats, just to name a few.

If you think that the beach is the only thing that Magaluf can offer, think again. When visiting the places mentioned above, you’ll never forget the word Magaluf again!

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