Best Suckling Pig in Segovia: Mesón Don Jimeno

Segovia day trip from Madrid

We had just arrived to beautiful Segovia for the first time ever. It was going to be a quick visit, but we wanted to make the most of things and had planned a walking route to see the gorgeous sites and (most importantly) eat some great food (my kind of day).

After admiring the famous “Cinderella Castle”, lunchtime was getting closer and my research hadn’t come up with that “perfect place”. I was getting nervous…

I wanted to try Segovia’s famous suckling pig (cochinillo) but the top-ranking places all had mixed reviews and were said to be very expensive. When I asked our taxi driver for his opinion on the best suckling pig in Segovia, he mentioned a place called Restaurante José María. Ranked number three on Tripadvisor, it was bound to be good. But when I asked what the price ranges were, he told me he couldn’t say exactly– he’d never been! Right, I thought. Taxi drivers never seem to understand I want to know where they actually go with their families for a nice occasion. Upon confirming that the restaurant was indeed quite pricey, it was back to the drawing board. It just wasn’t a fancy-shmancy type of day.

Walking from the castle to the Plaza Mayor, we passed a simple, but nice looking restaurant advertising their cochinillo for 3 people at 33 euros total (compared to around 20 euros per person at other places). Being so close to the castle, I was sure it was probably too touristic. But a quick Google search showed Restaurante Don Jimeno to be highly reviewed by locals, and the price was much less than its glamorous competition. We were sold.

Best Suckling Pig in Segovia
Humble but delicious!

Best Suckling Pig in Segovia at Mesón Don Jimeno

We sat down right at 2:00 and were the first to do so. We each started with the local soup, Judiones de La Granja, and they were stick-to-your-stomach delicious. We then ordered the 3-person cochinillo for the four of us, which was plenty considering the bean soup was so filling (and my mother doesn’t eat too much meat). It came with homemade french fries and we ordered a roasted pepper and tuna salad on the side (which we didn’t really need).

best cochinillo Segovia
The most delicious bean stew.
best cochinillo in Segovia
The full pig.
Best suckling pig in Segovia
Our portion.
Our roasted pepper and tuna salad.

I’ve only eaten cochinillo a handful of times, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but wow– it was delicious. My father deemed it the best meal of the trip (debatable, but it was pretty amazing)!

We finished with desserts and coffee. The final damage? Just over 100 euro. 25 euro per head for everything we ate and drank might just be the best deal in town!

Ponche Segoviano in Segovia
They also did an excellent Ponche Segoviano, a marzipan covered cake.
Ponche Segoviano in Segovia
The filling of the delicious Ponche Segoviano.
Mesón Don Jimeno Segovia
Chocolate mousse with whipped cream and walnuts.
Meson Don Jimeno Segovia
Homemade Tarta de Santiago (almond cake).

Meson Don Jimeno

Calle Daoiz, 15


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What’s your opinion on the best suckling pig in Segovia?


  1. This place looks fantastic, but I’m a diehard José Maria fan. Should probably broaden out a bit more when I go to Segovia, but I just love it. Not so in love with the prices though! 🙂 Oddly, I had the best tuna carpaccio there a few months ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it since! Even though I think the cochinillo is probably the best in town, I only eat that dish at the suegras since she’s Segovian and hers is just the best ever. What would we do without our suegras? 🙂

    1. Mmm I will definitely have to try it when the right occasion presents itself! And tuna carpaccio sound so good! I’m kind of jealous of your cochinillo cooking suegra right now, though mine makes a mean salmorejo and tortillitas de gambas!

  2. Thank you for your recommendation. We had an amazing lunch at Don Jimeno in April. We arrived early and were treated to one of the most amazing sucking pigs ever. Reasonably priced and thought it was cooked perfectly.

  3. My family is coming to visit me this December and we are planning on spending 2 nights in Segovia. Definitely going to take them to Don Jimeno since cuchinillo is so expensive but so good; this place looks affordable and very tasty! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Thank you for the recommendation; it sounds like just the place my family and I are looking for!
    but I’m a bit concerned about our schedule, and I was wondering if you could help answer a question about Spanish restaurants in general– Don Jimeno says they are opened from 9:30am till 7:00pm on their FB page, so we wouldn’t be too early if we arrive at noon and order a suckling pig, right? I’m just not sure after being warned over and over again that the regular Spanish lunch time starts at 2pm. many thanks in advance 🙂

  5. On a day visit to Segovia we really wanted to try their famous Cochinillo, so I checked the convenient ones on google maps and most of the good ones were around the central area and appeared to be a bit on the expensive side, also we wanted to get in some sightseeing before settling down to lunch around m and we came across Restaurante Don Jimeno, on the way to the Alcazar – and it had really good reviews from locals.

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