Seattle Comfort Food with Courtney of Adelante

Seattle comfort food
American brunch– nothing quite like it!

As the shortest month of the year comes to an end, we start to see the light (literally) here in Madrid, as the days get longer and longer. Before we know it we’ll be barbecuing and wearing short sleeves, sipping wine on terraces and having dinner past 10pm. All of which are reasons today’s guest on Comfort Food Fridays adores living in the Spanish capital!

Today Courtney, a former Seattleite who has been living in Madrid and blogging about her travels for a couple of years now, breaks down some of her Seattle comfort foods. In addition to being a great blogger and English teacher, Courtney is also one of the amazing people behind Madrid Food Tours’s Facebook and Instagram accounts– check out her great work! But although Courtney is in love with Madrid, that doesn’t stop her from reminiscing about the delights that Seattle has to offer– take a look!

Full name: Courtney Likkel

Blogging at: Adelante

Hometown: Redmond, Washington (about 30 minutes from Seattle)

Seattle comfort foods
Courtney Likkel

What foods do you associate with “home”?

I associate most “healthy” foods with Seattle, in all of its tree-hugging, kale-and-quinoa-loving glory. Every time I go to a restaurant abroad and order something trendy, organic and decidedly Whole Foods-esque, a part of me feels transported back to the Pacific Northwest. Nothing reminds me of home more than green smoothies, some gluten-free granola and a handful of crunchy kale chips.

Seattle comfort food

What comfort food do you miss the most while traveling?

Hands down, the comfort food I miss the most while abroad is classic American brunch. Mimosas, breakfast potatoes, real bacon, pancakes, the works. While I’ve been able to find some viable alternatives in Madrid, it just doesn’t compare to my favorite American brunch locale in Seattle, Portage Bay Café.

What’s a new comfort food you’ve discovered during your travels?

Whenever I’m in need of comfort food abroad, I usually gravitate towards Mexican food. In Madrid, I often head to María Bonita for tacos or Tierra Burrito for burrito bowls just like Chipotle’s. Whenever I feel the slightest bit homesick, you’ll be sure to find me scouting out carnitas, sour cream and guacamole!

Seattle comfort foods
Who wouldn’t crave this deliciousness?!

It’s funny how many Americans I interview find Mexican food so comforting! It certainly says a lot about how regional the US really is. 

You can follow Courtney and her travels on Twitter and Instagram too!

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Burrito photo by jeffreyw on flickr cc


  1. Pasta al Salto (raw marinated tomatoes) does it for me.
    I lived in Latin America for 30 yrs, Mexico for 1 but to my taste, Mex food was the least liked. To me, everything has the same taste.

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