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Banitsa Bulgarian comfort foods
Delicious banitsa!

Bulgaria has been on my travel list for a long time now, and reading about Maria Stoyanova’s favorite foods from her native Bulgaria only make me more curious! Maria is a travel blogger and tourism student, and someone who strongly believes you can travel on any budget. She runs her blog with her partner Krasimir, and when they’re not traveling abroad, they’re sharing all the secrets of beautiful Bulgaria!

Name: Maria Stoyanova

Blogging at: Travelling Buzz

Home country: Bulgaria

Maria from Travelling Buzz.
Maria from Travelling Buzz.

What foods do you associate with “home”?

Home is where you can have the best yogurt in the world! And that’s in Bulgaria. My home country has a strong tradition of making yogurt and people here consume a notable quantity of yogurt every day. The yogurt in Bulgaria is unique because it’s produced through the bacterial fermentation of milk, using a live culture of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus found only in the country. With that said, I associate home with yogurt and every other milk product – our white cheese is also super delicious!

shopska salad bulgarian comfort foods
Shopska salad.

What comfort food do you most miss while traveling?

I really do miss the yogurt and the Ayran drink made from our yogurt while traveling. I miss Tarator – the cold yogurt soup with cucumbers. I also miss Shopska salad, made with fresh and tasty tomatos, cucumbers and white cheese. I miss Banitsa – the queen of the Bulgarian cuisine. God, I love Bulgarian food and I started to really appreciate when I started traveling more often.

What’s a new comfort food you’ve discovered during your travels?

I don’t really like experimenting with food. But there is one thing that I would try every time while traveling – desserts, all kinds of desserts. I love sweets and that’s the only thing that won’t make me grouchy when I see it. And, I have to admit, Turkish sweets are one of the best. You definitely should try Kunefe!

Kunefe Bulgarian comfort foods

Bulgarian comfort food sounds so healthy and delicious– I can’t wait to visit! And I totally understand about your sweet tooth– I am the same way. 

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What’s your favorite comfort food?

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