Summer Has Arrived: Things to do in Malaga in June

Planning to visit Malaga in June? Make the most of your trip with our top tips on how you can enjoy the city!

In Malaga we have great weather year round, but this is a city that really lives for the summer! We are often the first ones to shed our winter coats and sweaters because we just can’t stand the gray and chilly winter and early springtime. Luckily, by this time of year the temperatures have warmed up, the sea breeze is blowing and we are ready to enjoy all that Malaga has to offer, so we wanted to share our advice for things to do in Malaga in June.

Photo Credit: Oliver Clarke (Text overlay by Devour Spain)

1. Go to the beach!

This may sound obvious, but by late May and early June, every Saturday the beaches of Malaga are dotted with colorful umbrellas, towels and families spending the day at the beach. We like to hop in the car and head down the highway a bit to Torremolinos, but we’ve also been known to spend a lazy afternoon closer to the city at the Malagueta or the Caleta. Whichever your beach of choice, pack a little picnic and enjoy the day!

One of the best things to do in Malaga in June is visit the beach, of course!
Visiting Malaga’s beaches is the perfect summer activity! – Photo Credit: audi_insperation

2. Moraga de San Juan

On the night of San Juan (June 23rd) Malaga, along with many other cities along the Mediterranean, celebrates the arrival of summer. People set up bonfires on the beach and they bring along a wish written on a little piece of paper to burn with the hope it will come true. In Malaga, we also bring along sardines so that we can enjoy “espetos.”

At midnight we burn the “júas,”– big rag dolls filled with sawdust or paper– which are generally made by groups of friends and represent a caricature of a famous person. Another tradition is that if you wash your face in the sea on this night that you will preserve your beauty or youth for the next year. Head down to the beach around sunset to take part in one of the best things to do in Malaga in June!

One of the most interesting things to do in Malaga in June is head to the beach during the Festival of San Juan
Participating in the festivities during the Festival of San Juan – Photo Credit: Kevin O’Mara

3. Participate in activities and workshops at the museums

The Carmen Thyssen Museum has the perfect solution for families with children who are traveling to Malaga the first week of June; until the 5th the museum will house an special exhibit, Art turned upside-down. It’s an activity aimed at children between 6 and 12 years and explores the use of comic characters and elements from advertising in Pop art.

For adults, the Picasso Museum also offers workshops in June. On the 3rd of June between 5pm and 8pm there is a Chalcographic printmaking workshop, as well as a ceramics workshop on the 10th and 17th of June.

Looking for things to do in Malaga in June? Head to the museums for workshops. Picasso, whose images like this are found all over the city, has a great museum dedicated to him that is worth seeing!
Images of Picasso’s work are found all over the city – Photo Credit: Mark Mauno

4. Explore a cave or a new village

One of our favorite day trips from Malaga is to head east along the coast. You can rent a car and visit the white village of Frigiliana in the morning– a charming place tucked away in the hills of Malaga and full of beautiful narrow little roads, white homes with flower pots and ceramic plates hanging on the walls, then in the afternoon head to the beach! A bit further down the road you’ll find the beautiful town of Nerja, where you can visit the famous cave and  end your day with a dip in the sea!

One of the best things to do in Malaga in June is take a road trip to visit the beautiful pueblo blancos like this!
Exploring the white villages found near Malaga are the perfect summer day trip – Photo Credit:

5. Watch a religious procession

In Roman times, the Christian religion was not allowed in Malaga. This meant that all citizens had to give up their religion, however, two brave Christians, Ciriaco and Paula, did not. They stayed true to their Christian faith and were eventually martyred, so the Pope thanked them for their bravery by declaring them the patron saints of Malaga. The 18th of June– the day these two Saints died– was declared a religious festival day, the feast of Saints Ciriaco and Paula.

Now every year on the 18th of June a solemn procession is celebrated trough the main streets of the historic city center to honor the patron saints of the city. If you are in Malaga on this day, this display of passion and tradition is not to be missed!

Looking for things to do in Malaga in June? Join us on our Malaga food tour and meet local vendors in the market, eat delicious food, and more!
The best thing to do in Malaga in June? Join us on a food tour, of course!

6. Take a food tour!

What better way to discover Malaga than through its food, and we have just the perfect solution for you!

Join us on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Malaga Food Tour and we will share with you all aspects of Malaga’s unique and varied cuisine, from fresh produce in the local markets, the wonderful world of Malaga’s two different wine-making regions, and local specialties such as local seafood favorites.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Bas Boerman (text overlay by Devour Spain)

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