Top 5 Wine Bars in Madrid

Best Wine Bars in Madrid
Red or white, you can’t go wrong with Spanish wine.

Beer may still be the go-to beverage for most Madrileños, but Spanish wine is definitely starting to give the local cerveza a run for its money. As the calibre and variety of Spanish wines surges, so do the number and quality of wine bars in Madrid.

Whether you’re a lover of bold reds or fruity whites, there is no better place than the capital to get a taste of Spain’s growing wine prowess.

Ordering wine in Spain is a different beast than in most other places in the world. Here, wine is ordered by region, not by grape. The majority of the red wine in Spain is made from tempranillo grapes. But the production and aging of these tempranillos vary hugely from region to region.

Madrid's best wine bars
Learning about Spanish wines at a wine tasting.

While the two largest and most widely available wine regions are La Rioja and Ribera del Duero, there are dozens of smaller regions that are making amazing wines. The variety is enormous and the options nearly endless for wine lovers in Spain!

Here are a few of our favorite wine bars in Madrid, all of which are stellar spots to explore the joys of Spanish wine firsthand.

Casa Gonzalez

Casa Gonzalez is a temple to the power of patience when it comes to great food and drinks. This nearly century-old bar is known for its excellent selection of cheeses and cured meats, many of which have been upwards of two years in the making. And there are few bars in the city that can rival Casa Gonzalez’s wine list.

With more than three dozen wines available by the glass, Casa Gonzalez is an ideal spot to taste your way across the vineyards of Spain. The variety offered here is enormous. You can taste everything from a young wine from a popular region up to a decade-old bottle from an obscure wine making zone.

Located in the heart of the Huertas neighborhood in central Madrid at Calle de León, 12.

Learn More: Visit Casa Gonzalez for a wine and cheese tasting on the Devour Madrid Huertas Neighborhood Food and Market Tour!

Vinoteca Vides

Best Wine Bars in Madrid: Vinoteca Vides
Cured Manchego cheese and red Spanish wine. A match made in heaven!

Walking into Vinoteca Vides is like walking into a shrine to wine. Shelves laden with bottles cover the walls reaching from the ground to the high ceilings. The bar is lined with the wines of the week. And the satisfying pop of wine corks creates a constant staccato rhythm both day and night.

Their menu boasts nearly a dozen types of cheese and a wide variety of cured meats and conserved seafood. But where Vides really shines is in their off-the-beaten-track wine list. Owner Vicente has scoured the country for great wines, plucking obscure vintages from little known regions. If you’re looking for new flavors and unique blends, Vides where to find it!

Located on trendy Calle Libertad in the Chueca neighborhood at Libertad, 12.

Stop Madrid

This 1929 bar is steeped in tradition. It hangs on the dark wood shelves lined with expertly chosen wines. It is written into the chalkboard menus that list off simple treasures of Spanish cuisine. It is engrained in the wine barrel tables that invite us to sip and swirl the night away.

Located just off of Madrid’s main avenue, Gran Via, at Calle Hortaleza, 11.

Bodegas Rosell

A giant wine list, welcoming waiters and some of the best croquettes in the city. What more could I ask for in a restaurant? Since 1920 Bodegas Rosell has been serving spectacular traditional Spanish cuisine accompanied by downright delicious Spanish wine.

Best Wine Bars in Madrid: Bodegas Rosell
Few things go better with cured Spanish meats than a bold Toro red.

The bodega was once home to a bulk wine seller. The giant cellars here now house a collection of more than 200 Spanish wines just waiting to be tasted!

Located a bit off the beaten path behind the Atocha train station at Calle del General Lacy, 14.

O Can Sentado

This intimate wine bar is tucked into the narrow winding streets of the Lavapies neighborhood. Inside you’ll find an intriguing selection of both Spanish and even a few international wines.

The dishes served here are as flavorful as their unique selection of wines. And the low lights and cozy tables at O Can Sentado make it an ideal date spot!

Located in the northern part of the Lavapies neighborhood near the Anton Martin metro stop at Calle Torrecilla del Leal, 20.

Any awesome wine bars in Madrid that we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

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