Food Tours in Valencia: Devour Valencia

Valencia is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities– filled with history, traditions, its own language, and amazing food. It’s a city that gives me a truly special feeling, it feels both rural and urban at the same time! When we decided to start our food tours in Valencia I wanted to make sure that we captured the magic of this beautiful city. I wanted to take people into the family-run gems that make the city so special. Sound good? Read on!

Devour Valencia food tour!
Beautiful Valencia on our Devour Valencia food tour!

I’m always surprised at how easy Valencia is to get to from Madrid– I really should go more often! Here in Madrid people joke that the best paella in Madrid is in Valencia (they might be right!). In only a couple of hours on the comfortable high-speed AVE train, you arrive in a whole other world– one where amazing food and wine is paramount.

Cultural and Food Tours in Valencia

Devour Valencia food tours and tapas tours
Visiting the Central Market in Valencia.

Food is culture and Valencia is full of both! This is the place that spends all year making incredible paper maché figures and then burning them in a huge festival (just look up Las Fallas if you’ve never seen it!) and they have the same passion for their food. This is the place that’s given us paella– and it’s here you really need to taste it.

But the best way to taste your way through Valencia? A Devour Valencia food tour of course!

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Our Morning Food Tour in Valencia: Market and More!

Our morning Valencia food tour is called the Valencia Food & Market Adventure, and it promises to show you what locals eat and why.

A Devour Valencia Food tour
Buying ham at the market in Valencia!

Breakfast in Valencia

We start the morning with Valencia’s most famous sweets (and they’re not churros and chocolate!). We taste the local pastry (fartons) with ice-cold horchata, local tiger nut milk (a tuber that’s in the potato family). Trust me– it’s amazing.

Horchata on Valencia Food Tour
Ice cold horchata and fartons
Market tour Valencia
Chufas (tiger nuts) at the market

Valencia Market Tour

Then it’s off to the Central Market, one of the largest and most impressive in all of Europe. Here we’ll learn all about local Valencian food and ingredients, and taste some of the best products from local family-run market stalls. Ham and cheese? Yes, please!

Market and food tour in Valencia
Learning about Valencia’s local beans!
Market and food tour Valencia
I love visiting the local market vendors

Afterward, we will pop into a variety of owner operated tapas bars, wine shops, and sweet shops– ending with delicious local ice cream (which has won an award for the best in the world!). Taste grilled sardines, Valencian wines, local candy bars, and more.

Valencia food tour with Devour tours
You’ll never guess the delicious combo in this Valencia sandwich!
Food tour in Valencia Spain
Incredible local sardines.

This is the perfect tour for true foodies, people who want to learn all about the local cuisine, ingredients, and restaurant scene. Come join us!

Our Evening Tapas Tour in Valencia: Off-the-beaten-path!

For our Valencia tapas tour, we decided to go outside the tourist center and into the buzzing Rufaza neighborhood. This tour is called the Hidden Rufaza Wine & Tapas Tour, because, despite its proximity to the city center, many never make it to Rufaza! And while the center has some great traditional eateries this part of town has an energy that just can’t be beat!

We visit wine shops, tapas bars, and eat and drink local delicacies on this tour– food and fun combined 🙂

Valencia tapas tour
Delicious tapas featuring local produce.
Valencia wine tour and tapas tour
Tapas and wine– is there anything better?

We are really excited to start offering our Valencia food tours and tapas tours– so please do get in touch if visiting Valencia soon, we’d love to show you around!

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  1. I will be in Valencia November 3-6, and am eager to sign up for some exceptionally interesting tours in and outside the city. I am interested in learning the local history, culture , food and wine. I am looking for a keenly knowledgeable guide, in a small group setting, to immerse myself in the Spanish culture. I am physically fit and love food and wine. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you, Adele Bloomfield

  2. We will be traveling from US to London, Paris and Barcelona in 10 days December 22-2nd. We want to know about food tours in Barcelona and any tips you may have. Thank you.

  3. Valencia is such a great city, and so different from the other large capitals. Would you believe Kike has never gone? We’re hoping to find a long weekend to hop an AVE – I need fartons!

  4. For us, one of the joys of travelling is trying new food & regional specialities. Paella originates in the Valencia region, so when we were there last October we decided to a Paella making experience. We spent a fun half day with a paella master learning the secrets of authentic Paella Valenciana.

    Now we’re hooked and look to do at least one cooking experience in each city we visit. Recently in Barcelona we did two. It’s so much fun, and you get to meet some really fab people.

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