12 Family-Friendly Spanish Meals

I decided to round up some of my favorite family-friendly Spanish meals in the hope they’ll be helpful to everyone trapped inside right now!

We’re almost a week into lockdown here in Madrid and one thing is certain — mealtimes are a welcome distraction from the monotony. And while we are all stuck at home, people seem to be getting creative in the kitchen.

I wanted to share some of my favorite easy to make Spanish recipes. These perfect “quarantine cuisine” meals are healthy, easy to double, easy to freeze, and quick to prepare. They are perfect whether you’re feeding a big family (you can double or even triple the recipes) or if you’d simply like to make extra to last a few days. 

My Favorite Family-Friendly Spanish Meals

1. Spanish chicken with tomato sauce

This easy Spanish chicken dish can be prepared with ingredients most people have on hand. The slow-cooked chicken is perfect served with rice, potatoes, or even pasta. You really can’t go wrong with this simple recipe. 

Pollo con tomate recipe

Pollo con tomate recipe Spanish chicken in tomato sauce
Delicious pollo con tomate. Photo by Frédérique Voisin-Demery on flickr cc.

2. Meatballs in almond sauce

One of my favorite Spanish recipes to double and freeze is this one. These delicious meatballs are simmered in a saffron and almond sauce. If you can’t find saffron – no worries – it’s just as delicious without. These go quickly in my house, so definitely make extra!

Meatballs in almond sauce recipe

Meatballs in Almond Sauce Recipe - Spanish Albóndigas en Salsa de Almendras
Delicious meatballs in saffron almond sauce.

3. Spanish ratatouille (pisto)

One of my favorite Spanish comfort foods is pisto, Spain’s answer to ratatouille. The slowly cooked vegetables develop a delicious flavor that can be enjoyed on their own or with a fried or poached egg. Pisto can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — making it a great versatile meal for a hungry family.

Spanish pisto recipe

Pisto con Huevo Photo by Javier Lastras on flickr CC
Pisto con huevo– yum!

4. Baked tuna empanada

It’s always a good idea to have a Spanish empanada on hand. These large Spanish pies are another food you can eat any time of day. One of the best Spanish empanada recipes uses high-quality canned tuna and roasted red peppers. It’s easy to prepare (making the dough is best but you can also use store-bought) and delicious. 

Tuna empanada recipe

Homemade tuna empanada recipe
Homemade tuna empanada

5. Spinach and chickpea stew

One of my all-time favorite Spanish meals is espinacas con garbanzos — a delicious chickpea and spinach stew that this recipe elevates with ground almonds. It’s worth making a few batches of this one, it will disappear in no time!

Chickpea and spinach stew recipe

Espinacas con garbanzos recipe
Simply delicious!

6. Potato croquettes

Croquettes are a family-friendly food no matter what ages you have in your household — but if you have young kids these potato croquettes are a guaranteed hit. 

Potato croquettes recipe

Thanksgiving turkey croquettes
Delicious croquettes.

7. Stuffed eggplants

Spanish stuffed eggplant is one of my mother-in-law’s go-to recipes. She makes hers with ground beef, but you can also substitute tuna, lentils, or keep yours strictly veggies. I love these because they freeze easily and reheat well. And anything topped with cheese is a winner in my book. 

Spanish stuffed eggplant recipe

Spanish Stuffed Eggplant Recipe - Berenjenas Rellenas
Delicious Spanish stuffed eggplant. Photo by Joan Nova on flickr CC.

8. Spanish potato omelet (tortilla de patatas)

A Spanish tortilla is a staple of any family event. It’s an easy dish to prepare, absolutely delicious, and another one you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time! You can go for the classic version with potato and onion, or jazz yours up with chorizo, veggies, cheese… the possibilities are endless.

Spanish tortilla recipe

Spanish egg dishes: Tortilla Española
A perfectly gooey slice of tortilla de patatas.

9. Spanish lentil stew

Another Spanish comfort food is lentetjas — a warm and hearty lentil stew. This is one of my favorite cold-weather dishes, especially when served with a crusty baguette. Lentil stew freezes really well, and tastes even better on day two — so make lots!

Spanish lentils recipe

Lentejas con chorizo recipe - simple Spanish lentil soup
Comforting Spanish lentils.

10. Stuffed peppers

This stuffed peppers recipe uses rice and cheese to make a hearty vegetarian meal. These are quick and easy to prepare and always a hit with the family. 

Spanish stuffed peppers recipe

vegetarian stuffed peppers recipe
Yummy vegetarian stuffed peppers.

11. French fries with eggs and ham 

Another Spanish classic is fried potatoes with eggs and either ham, chorizo, blood sausage… or simply more veggies. My mother-in-law makes this dish with fried potatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, and chorizo — and a fried egg on top. It’s one of my favorite meals!

Huevos rotos recipe

Spanish huevos rotos recipe. Antonia's eggs with potatoes.
My mother-in-law’s delicious fried eggs over potatoes and chorizo.

12. White bean and chorizo stew

Last but not least, this white bean and chorizo stew is a delicious dish any time of year. You can use any white beans you have on hand, and if you don’t have chorizo your favorite sausage will do just fine. This stew comes together in only thirty minutes, making it a quick meal for any day of the week!

White bean and chorizo stew recipe

Chorizo and white bean stew with Spinach
Hungry? In 30 minutes you can be eating this too!

What are your favorite family-friendly meals? If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments! And if I’m missing any Spanish meals, let me know! 


  1. Read your letter this morning and was moved by your quarantine tale from Madrid. I’m outside Seattle in a beautiful forest setting, quarantined and your recipes will be shared w friends who adore travel & Spain especially. Husband & I were there 2 years ago. Stay well – babies are precious and this time indoors will pass.

  2. Thank you all the lovely recipes. I live in New Zealand and we have just gone into lock down. Love the baby photos I will be 82 soon I and can still remember holding my children for first time it’s something that I will never ever forget. Good luck to you and your family I hope you all stay well. Cheers Peter

  3. My husband is from Barcelona and we are living in America. He want Spanish food so I was happy to find your website.

  4. Thank you for your blog, photos of your gorgeous children and recipes. We (four of us) were going to be travelling to Spain in May this year, but unfortunately now not able to to go. So will will be cooking some of your recipes to get a taste of Spanish food. We are thinking of all of you in such difficult times. Hopefully in a few months time things might get back to some sort of normality. We hope to get to do our travelling in Spain in September 2020.
    Look after you and your family. Good luck Rita

  5. I am making a version of the lentils. Spanish omelet & the coquetas next. I cannot find a bravas sauce recipe that I trully like. Suggestion? Thanks from Key Biscayne (next to Miami)

  6. So thankful for all you do!
    My grandparedts emigrated from Seville, Spain. Lovely recipes!!!! Stay well, be safe we are stay at home senior citizens. Your babies are ADORABLE❣

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