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Home Sweet Home for the Holidays

Sometimes a week is all you need. Just a small dose of family, friends, and food to cure any homesickness that was laying dormant, waiting to show its ugly head. I guarantee that on the 27th I’ll be sick of Christmas cookies, shopping malls, and twenty degree (F°) weather....
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Introducing… Recetas Americanas!

New Year (Almost) and New Project! The past year has gone by in a flash. Exactly one year and three days ago Alejandro took me to Cadiz for the day (we were supposed to have gone to Marseille for the puente but there were airline strikes) and on the...
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Expat Thanksgiving

What exactly is Thanksgiving? Source That was the question of the week. And despite teaching small Spaniards about my favorite holiday for the past two years, I still stumble upon answering children and adults alike. Me: “Well, remember how the Pilgrims sailed from England to the New World? No?...
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15 Things I Miss About the US When In Spain

“The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side” This is my mother’s famous quote. And it’s true. When I’m in Spain I miss the US terribly, yet when I’m finally in the US it’s just the opposite! I’m never 100% satisfied. But what exactly do I miss when...
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