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7 Best Recipes for a Pintxos Party

Today David rounds up seven of the best pintxos recipes, perfect for a party or event!   If you visit the Basque Country, one thing becomes pretty clear. The Basque people really know how to eat!  From San Sebastian to Bilbao, locals in the País Vasco pride themselves on their...
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Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pintxo

Today David is back, sharing another pintxos recipe. This smoked salmon and cream cheese pintxo is typical in the Basque Country and is absolutely delicious. Pintxos are Basque appetizers with style. Every tapas bar in the País Vasco, from San Sebastian to Bilbao, has counters filled with these tasty morsels...
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Prawn and Chorizo Paella Recipe

The word paella means different things to different people. And to my Andalusian mother-in-law, it simply means a dry rice dish with lots of delicious things (chicken, shrimp, vegetables, and even… chorizo!). That’s right, my Spanish mother-in-law puts chorizo in her paella. It is not authentic, and Valencians might...
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Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables Recipe

It’s as simple as it sounds, and something I make weekly for my family at home. These Mediterranean roasted vegetables are flavorful and healthy — today David shares his recipe.  I’ll never understand people who say they don’t like vegetables. What’s not to love?! They can be sweet, savory,...
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