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Canarian Mojo Verde Sauce Recipe

In the Canary Islands there’s a good chance that your traditional meals will come with a side of mojo— different local sauces that people pair with everything from meat to fish to potatoes. While the most famous mojo sauce is the red and slightly spicy mojo picón, the mojo...
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Canarian Ropa Vieja Recipe

The Canary Islands are still mostly unexplored territory for Alejandro and I. Apart from my short (but wonderful) visit to Fuerteventura, I’ve yet to explore the gorgeous islands and their fantastic local gastronomy. When learning about the cuisine of the Canary Islands, I was surprised to encounter some dishes that I was...
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Fall: Spain’s Perfect Beach Season

Summer in Spain and days at the beach pretty much go hand in hand. If you ask just about any Spanish family their plans for the month of August, a week or two at their favorite beach is bound to be in their plans. And that’s the reason I...
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Mojo Picón Sauce Recipe

This easy and delicious mojo picón sauce recipe makes the perfect condiment! In the Canary Islands there is no doubt that the sauce of choice is the slightly spicy mojo picón. The red version is my favorite, a bit smokey and spicy, and perfect when served with the small,...
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Gourmet Volcano Break at Elba Palace Golf

Our recent trip to Fuerteventura was in collaboration with Elba Hotels. They were looking for people to review their new Gourmet Volcano Break at the Elba Palace Golf, and since we’d never been to Fuerteventura, we figured it was worth the price of the plane tickets and rental car...
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Flavors of Fuerteventura

If you’d asked me two weeks ago to tell you about the typical foods of Fuerteventura, I wouldn’t have known where to begin. Small, sweet bananas rang a bell, and I knew that the slightly spicy mojo picón sauce was definitely from the Canary Islands. I figured that, being...
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