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9 Signs It’s Almost Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain is a marvel all its own. Where I am used to strings of lights and wire reindeer, in Madrid I find metal light panels and sparkly garland. When I look for candy canes, I find holiday turrón. In place of TV ads for Christmas sales, I see...
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12 Spanish Christmas Gifts for Foodies

Check out the top twelve ideas for Spanish Christmas gifts for food lovers! The gifts laid out for Christmas in Spain are an odd-shaped bunch. Strategically wrapped prongs of ham holders poke out among feebly disguised necks of wine and olive oil bottles. Nearly an entire roll of wrapping...
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The Best Christmas Markets in Spain

Giant cone-shaped light trees that stretch to the stars, the sweet smell of caramelizing almonds that tantalizes from afar and more tiny wise men figurines than you can possibly imagine. This can only be one place: a Spanish Christmas market.
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