Join Me! Devour Andalusia Culinary Tour September 2017 - Spanish Sabores

Join Me! Devour Andalusia Culinary Tour September 2017

DELAYED: This trip is postponed until 2018– but send me an email to be the first to know when it’s released!

Devour Tours Andalusia Culinary Tour September 2017
Join me on an epic foodie tour this September!

I am bursting with excitement to announce Devour’s first ever multi-day trip, an Andalusia Culinary Tour that will take place this September (2017) in the heart of beautiful Andalusia! I’m even more excited to tell you that I will be leading the trip myself, along with my Devour Spain co-founder (and YouTube star!) James Blick.

Culinary trip to Andalusia 2017
We will be your hosts on a 9-day foodie journey.

After five years of working day in and day out to build our walking food and wine tours (which are still growing!), we’ve decided to venture into the exciting world of multi-day trips.


I realized that when my family and friends come to visit our itinerary always includes renting a car and venturing out into Spain’s sprawling countryside and picturesque small villages– places I consider absolutely essential to understanding the real Spain.

Our trip, tentatively titled Devour Andalusia: A Delicious Journey Through Southern Spain is basically my dream vacation– the places I’d take my friends and family if they were visiting (hint, hint Mom and Dad!).

Cordoba patio
Cordoba’s incredible patios.
Vejer de la Frontera Andalusia gourmet holiday 2017
The white village of Vejer de la Frontera– unforgettable.
Cathedral Seville 9 day tour in Andalusia 2017
Seville’s towering cathedral, one of the world’s most beautiful!

I chose to host our first trip in Andalusia because it is the first place I ever lived in Spain, and a part of the country I know inside and out. The most difficult part was deciding which parts of this enormous region to include on the itinerary– the only way to narrow it down was knowing that we could always plan more trips in the future!

Seville palace on Seville Gourmet Tour
Hidden corners in Seville.

A Sneak Peek at My Dream Andalusia Culinary Vacation — Join Me This September!

What does my dream trip look like?

Well, to start, we’ll be staying at the best local hotels, unique properties filled with small details you’ll remember long after the trip is over. As expected, we’ll be eating at amazing restaurants, down-to-earth chef-owned eateries that are proud to support Spain’s farm to table movement. And speaking of farms, we’ll be visiting an organic olive oil producer, a family-run Iberian ham farm, and two award-winning wineries. We’ll even get to visit the ethical foie gras producer featured in this incredible documentary.

We’ll meet the producers of Spain’s culinary staples and go behind the scenes to learn why these products are among the best of their kind, anywhere in the world.

Sherry wine tour 2017 Spain
Go behind the scenes at the region’s best bodegas.
Gourmet foodie tour of Andalusia 2017
Food lover’s paradise at local restaurants.

It won’t be all food, of course! I do have other interests! 😉 Between meals we’ll experience the incredible, layered culture of Andalusia, a region as colorful as any, bursting with history, architecture, and folklore. You’ll also have downtime to take in some of my personal suggestions for additional shopping, food, or museums, or to simply relax on the hotel terrace with a glass of wine!

The Devour Philosophy

If you’ve ever taken one of our walking food tours, you already know that we strive to offer the perfect combination of food, culture, and history. Our tours always feature the best quality food and wine but aren’t at all pretentious about things. We show you the real Spain, quirks included! We practice responsible tourism, meaning we work exclusively with small (usually family-run) businesses, and make sure our local partners earn a fair wage for their work.

Culinary Tour Andalusia 2017
Meet local vendors like David, my ham man in Seville!

What to Expect on this Culinary Tour

  • An incredible, food and culture lover’s adventure through one of the most beautiful and historic regions in Spain.
  • The valuable perspective of two expert insiders (James and I!) who are passionate about promoting Spain’s uniqueness at every opportunity.
  • Top quality guides, chefs, and local experts– we work with the very best people in this industry, people who ensure you’ll have an unforgettable experience.
  • The perfect pace: not too fast, not too slow– this will be a trip where you will be able to fully enjoy yourself and still see some of the top sights in Spain. We are not a whistlestop tour– but rather an immersive travel company that believes in slowing down sometimes!
  • Behind the scenes experiences: our own insider’s food tours, exciting tapas tours, private winery visits, organic farm visits, exquisite tasting menus, chef-led dinners, and much more. You’ll have VIP access to some of Andalusia’s most incredible spots.

Trip Highlights

  • Get behind the scenes access to Andalusia’s foodie gems– organic farms, centuries-old wineries, chef-owned restaurants and more!
  • Savor the world’s best ham— organic, acorn-fed, Iberian black-hoofed jamón ibérico de bellota at one of the world’s most stunning family-run farms.
  • See Andalusia’s top sights: the Seville Cathedral (and Christopher Columbus’s tomb), the Cordoba Cathedral-Mosque, and the Jewish quarter of both cities.
  • Discover the exciting world of sherry wines– and learn why they are some of the best (and most undervalued– AKA bargain wines!) in the world. 
  • Experience one of the most memorable flamenco performances in Seville, on our own Tapas and Flamenco Tour. You won’t just watch the show– you’ll learn this artform’s history and discover the different people and artisans that make it all come to life on stage. 
  • Cook the most delicious Andalusian specialties at one of the region’s best (and certainly most beautiful) cooking schools, located in the hills of the whitewashed hilltop village Vejer de la Frontera.
  • Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime private visit to the world’s first ethical foie gras producer, as featured on NPR and in the New York Times.
  • Stroll the magnificent arches of Cordoba’s 1000-year-old Mosque-Cathedral– a true work of art and a must-see monument in Spain.
  • Devour tapas while rubbing elbows with the locals at Seville’s most famous historic tapas bars. Try their house specialties and take in this unique ambiance!
  • Meet the chefs at some of Spain’s best eateries, while trying their modern tapas.
  • Visit the spectacular underground caves in Aracena– called the “Cave of Wonders” (and featured in the movie “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”!).
  • Go deep into the countryside and enjoy a private tour of sprawling olive groves before tasting some of the best organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world.
  • Discover Cordoba’s tangled roots, and learn about its Muslim, Catholic and Jewish inhabitants. Take in a VIP pre-dinner concert of Sephardic music in a private patio.
  • Taste Andalusia’s best red wines at an up and coming winery outside of the picturesque Andalusian white village, Arcos de la Frontera.
  • Learn all about the most famous (and expensive) tuna in the world– Spanish blue fin tuna. Discover the local ancient tuna fishing methods, and taste the salting and smoking traditions as you enjoy a tuna tasting menu at the most famous restaurant in the country for this valuable fish.

Interested in joining me?

UPDATE: All details are finalized and we are filling the last spots now! See here for all updated information!

We are just finalizing the final details for the trip, and will be announcing it officially on our websites very soon! What I know for sure is:

  • Dates: 16-24 September, 2017 (9 days, 8 nights)
  • Price: Starts at 2995€ and includes accommodation in lovely boutique hotels, all food/drink (except a couple of free time meals), two knowledgeable guides, and all of the itinerary’s exclusive tours, visits and tastings! Price also includes all taxes and fees. Not included is transportation to/from Seville (the staring point) but we are happy to help you with that!
  • Spaces: We’ll accept only 12 guests on the tour to keep experiences nice and intimate!
  • City’s and villages visited: Seville, CordobaVejer de la Frontera, Aracena, Jerez de la Frontera, Arcos de la Frontera

If you would like more information or want to book one of the limited spots on our inaugural Andalusia Culinary Tour (there are only 12 places!), please email me at [email protected] right away and I will make sure to get back to you asap! This trip is perfect whether you’ve been to Andalusia many times, or it’s your first adventure. I hope you’ll consider joining me!

Write me an email with the subject Devour Andalusia Culinary Tour 2017 by clicking here!

Where would you go on your Spain dream vacation?


  1. Hi Lauren,

    I am interested in your Andalusia Culinary Tour in September. What will the cost be for the tour and the accommodations? Do you generally have solo travelers in your groups? What is the general age range of people who go on your tour? The tour sounds like a lot of fun.


  2. Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for your email,,
    The 9 day food trip sounds enticing, and I would very much like to have more details.
    Where are the starting points,, i.e., airports,,,, provision for single travellers,,, costs per head.
    I know Andalucia well, having had a home there for 20 years, but this could show me a different side of Spain.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Margaret King.

  3. Hi Lauren,

    I would definitely be interested in joining your Devour Tour of Andalusia, whether it will be for for this or another year.
    Would very much appreciate your emailing me the details as soon as you can.

    Amalia V. Azanza

  4. Hi Lauren, my husband and I would be very interested to join your tour. We have had holiday home in Andalucia for 2 years and the tour would be the perfect way for us to discover more of area and culture to share with our family and friends. Please could you email us with the details. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Lauren,

      You I havent heard anything back from you as yet tr the trip. We are extremely interested to be part of it, please can you email the details ASAP.

      Many thanks


    2. Hi Colette– excuse the late response, I didn’t see your comment until just now! I just sent you an email with all details. We would love to show you the marvels of the region– where in Andalusia are you based?

  5. Hi Lauren,

    This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Will you have room for single travelers?
    I’d love to get some information the cost.

    1. Hi there! Excuse the late response, I didn’t see your comment here! I just sent you an email with all details. I hope to see you this fall, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

  6. Oops only just read your email. Sounds amazing and something we would consider. Could you send information on cost and travelling details if you have them please

    Many thanks
    Christine Dalton

    1. Hi Christine– excuse the late response, I didn’t see your comment until just now! I just sent you an email with all details. I hope to see you this fall, the trip is going to be great!

  7. Hi Lauren
    This tour looks great! I have dropped you an email to request more information. Looks like there is lots of interest so hopefully there are spaces left!
    Best Regards,

  8. Hi Lauren! I am trying to send you an email, but I was unable to find an address- My name is Rachel and my husband, Alfonso is from Sevilla. We have a Spanish food pop-up and food writing/photography business in Charleston, SC, USA. Check out our work on Instagram (@thecastejons). We will be in Sevilla for a month or so starting in mid April and I wanted to talk to you about some possible collaborations if you are interested. Shoot me an email- I’d love to chat! Thanks so much, Rachel Castejon

  9. Hello Lauren,

    I was perusing recipes using clams and stumbled upon your September itinerary which looks divine! If the trip is not fully subscribed my husband and I would appreciate learning more. July through September is our window to escape the Palm Springs heat.

  10. I am curious to know the itinerary for your Devour Andalusia Culinary tour. I am familiar with the program highlights having joined a tour group to Southern Spain in September 2017. Please let me know whenever possible.

  11. When we arrived in Madrid, we
    were told to wait until we reached Valencia to have a taste of the best paella. So we did but we were quite disappointed. My first taste of paella was from my grandmother’s kitchen. She called it “ Bringhe”; the bottom was crispy rice and the body was not delicate but sticky. She threw in seafood- mussels, clams and shrimp. You are spot on about the nature of the dish. It varies from cultural background and locality. My family is of South American, South Asian and Northern European descent. Our taste for Spanish paella (and other Filipino-Spanish dishes) is representative of the heritage of several ethnicities in our blood.
    I’m glad your website exists; we can enjoy a culinary experience in the privacy of our homes albeit the corona virus disease 19 pandemic. More power!

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