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El Mirador de la CEA

El Mirador de la CEA

When I first heard about the restaurant El Mirador de la CEA I must admit, I had no idea what the CEA was! It turns out that Madrid’s CEA was actually an old film studio, where until the 1970’s they used to film movies. Nowadays, the space is used as a restaurant, where a young chef named Javier Cabrera is basing his offerings on solid base ingredients and a bit of innovation. We decided to check it out for their newly offered Menú del Cine, a whimsical tasting menu that created five dishes inspired in old films.

Here’s what we tried, and their matching movie (all of which I need to rent soon!).

Tasting Menu at El Mirador de la CEA

Film: Fray Escoba

Dish: Foie stuffed artichoke with a touch of cocoa and licorice. 

El Mirador de la CEA

Film: Por un puñado de dólares 

Dish: Cauliflower puree covered with cuttlefish “spaghetti”, sautéed leeks, and grilled scallops. 

El Mirador de la CEA

Film: Doctor Zhivago

Dish: Grilled tuna with vodka foam and mango. 

El Mirador de la CEA

Film: Bienvenido Mr. Marshall

Dish: Bull tail and potato puree “hamburger” with purple potato chips. 

El Mirador de la CEA

Film: Fuenteovejuna

Dish: Chocolate in 3 textures.

El Mirador de la CEA

We enjoyed the meal and the restaurant’s ambiance, and after eating Chef Javier came over to say hello. He seemed very eager and genuine, and really hopes to turn the space into a reference for high quality and innovation. Take a look at their website for future special menu offerings!

El Mirador de la CEA

Calle Arturo Soria, 99


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