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Home Sweet Home for the Holidays

Sometimes a week is all you need. Just a small dose of family, friends, and food to cure any homesickness that was laying dormant, waiting to show its ugly head. I guarantee that on the 27th I’ll be sick of Christmas cookies, shopping malls, and twenty degree (F°) weather. I’ll be ready for fresh seafood, and sixty degree walks on the beach. I’ll be ready to eat New Year’s Eve dinner at 10:00 and get home from the night’s festivities around 7:00 (the next morning!). But in the meantime, I’m enjoying every minute of my time here:

Time spent with my niece.
Decorating cookies and cupcakes.
Christmas decor!
My puppy, Coco.
The turkeys at my sister's place.
My Mom teaching Ale to make cookies.
Eating the delicious sugar cookies he made.
My niece's "smile" face.
Landscapes that look like paintings.
More cookies... I can't stop trying each new one!

What do you enjoy when you’re home for the holidays? And what do you miss when you’re away?

Merry Christmas everyone!

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