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Jare’s Place: A Foodie Pick for a Toronto B&B

Toronto B&B

Finding accommodation in a big city like Toronto can be overwhelming. With nearly 500 different options for lodging listed on Tripadvisor alone, it is impossible to choose without spending some serious time researching. Luckily, we had already narrowed the options down to a specific type of lodging, a Toronto B&B. We’d spent the first part of our trip in the lovely Le Germain Hotel in downtown Toronto, which allowed us to get to know the city center. While wonderful, we wanted something a bit more personalized for our last night in Toronto, and we wanted to get to know a new area of town.

Skimming through the Toronto B&B offerings, my eyes were drawn to Jare’s Place, a quaint 3-room B&B in the Riverside/Leslieville neighborhood, located a short tram ride away from downtown. I’d read great things about Riverside and Leslieville, and foodie friends told me the streets were lined with some of Toronto’s newest restaurants and specialty food shops.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to reserve, Jare’s Place looked like a great place to stay, with a lot of personality and fantastic homemade breakfasts. The only concern was sharing a bathroom with the other rooms– we hadn’t done that since our hostel booking days– but we soon realized we needn’t have worried.

Built on Experience

As we arrived we were greeted by Jeremy, the owner and operator of Jare’s Place. Jeremy is one of those people who has somehow ended up using all of the skills he’s acquired over the years to do his job. In high school he studied culinary arts, perfecting his talents in the kitchen. Later on in life he worked as a professional cleaner and organizer for different businesses. This is definitely noted at Jare’s Place, as the entire place is spotless and the design and organization is gorgeous.

Jare's Place B&B
Jeremy cooking our breakfast.

Jeremy started his current career by hosting exchange students at his former residence. He enjoyed the hospitality part, but told us that it was also a bit stressful taking responsibility for young adults (I can only imagine!). He took the leap to opening a B&B and hasn’t looked back since, preferring the occasional special request of his guests to enforcing a curfew for a house full of teenagers.

Running the B&B has also allowed Jeremy to step back into the kitchen, without the stress of mass producing his plates. He takes his time each morning, preparing creative and delicious breakfasts (he even bakes his own bread!) and takes pride in their presentation.

The Rooms

We stayed in the Strawberry Room, the largest of the three rooms and my personal favorite. The high ceilings, white walls, and bay window were so perfect, I wished I could have spent the day writing at the room’s corner desk, taking in the breeze. The other rooms were just as comfortable looking, filled with little details.

Toronto b&bs

B&B Toronto

Toronto B&Bs

Jares Place Toronto B&B

Toronto B&bs

Jares Place Pancake room

The bathroom is shared among the rooms, but it isn’t a problem at all. Each guest has their own bathroom caddy and shower mat, and everything was always spotless. Under the sink Jeremy even offers men’s and women’s perfumes to spritz on– which was perfect as I didn’t have any with me.

jares place bathrooms

The Neighborhood

Riverside and Leslieville are fantastic neighborhoods. They are located only a short tram ride away from the center, and are filled with small shops and restaurants. I loved the old town feel (it used to be its own town before becoming a part of Toronto), and many businesses have kept up old signs and advertisements, giving the area a retro sort of feel.

Leslieville Toronto B&B

The Breakfast

Jeremy’s breakfast was enormous! But I ate every last bite because it was also absolutely delicious. We were treated to home baked bread with butter and local artisan jams, freshly brewed coffee, baked eggs in a canadian bacon “cup”, sweet potato hash browns, and homemade blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup. It was more like a brunch than a breakfast, and definitely a fantastic start to our day.

breakfast at Toronto B&B Jares Place

Homemade Bread

Breakfast at Jares Place B&B

We would recommend a stay at Jare’s Place without hesitation, highlighting the detailed care and comfort of the accommodations, the great location, and the delicious breakfast.

Jares place wine
Jare’s Place even has its own bottle of wine!

jares place

Jare’s Place B&B Toronto

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We were guests of Jare’s Place, but chose it because it looked fantastic, and it truly was! 100% recommended.

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