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La Taberna del Chato: Tapas Tasting in Madrid

La Taberna del Chato Madrid

A new tapas concept in Madrid

The Madrid blogosphere was buzzing, there was a new concept tapas bar in town and apparently, it was good. La Taberna del Chato is located on Calle de la Cruz and, like with Lise & Leti Homemade Cookies, I spotted it before it even opened, as Madrid Food Tour walks along that street. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to eat there, as they open only at night during the week. As I watched blogger after blogger talk about them (Madrid Diferente, Madrid Cool Blog, Don’t Stop Madrid, etc.) I became more and more interested in finally trying it– normally when people talk something up so much it’s either really good or I end up hating it.

Luckily, it was the former, and even though La Taberna del Chato has been talked to death by Spaniards, little (if anything) exists in English. So here I am, to recommend this unique place and tell you what you should try. You won’t regret it!

A true tapas bar

I always explain to my tour groups that “real” tapas are simply small, individual sized portions. With that idea in mind, La Taberna del Chato is the definition of a tapas bar. Most of its menu (though not all) is served in small chato glasses, typical for serving wine in the north of Spain. (By the way, chato glasses are great to buy for home too, as they are much more difficult to break than normal wine glasses!).

Taberna del Chato Menu
The fun menu at La Taberna del Chato.

We walked in and were surprised that the restaurant was bigger than it looked from the sidewalk. Long and rectangular, you can choose to sit in the bar area (we did) or go to a table in the back of the restaurant. From the bar area you can see the cooks in the kitchen, which I always love (is there any better indicator of quality?).

The menu was fun, filled with different chatos ranging from 2€-4€ each. They also had some tempting raciones, great wines by the glass, and a decent cocktail list. We decided to go for the chatos and we ordered 8 to share. We also tried a montadito (a small sandwich) and they brought us a taste of their cream of mushroom soup, which was a special that afternoon.

Everything was truly delicious, and the quality was quite unexpected. We later found out that the owners took years putting together this concept, using only the highest quality suppliers. We could tell the difference! Here is a look at what we tried:

What we ate

Almonds at Taberna del Chato Tapas Bar Madrid
While looking over the menu we snacked on just fried Marcona almonds.
Mojama tapa at Taberna del Chato Madrid
We tried their mojama, cured salted tuna. It was perfect with our wine.
Pate de perdiz Taberna del Chato
The partridge paté was to die for. Just order it!
Steak Tartar tapa Madrid Taberna del Chato
The steak tartar was also delicious– I wanted more!
Tapas at Taberna del chato Madrid
Next up: their ham croquettes, fried chicken with sweet chili sauce, and fried shrimp with teriyaki sauce. All wonderful.
Tapas at Madrid Taberna del Chato
The steak teriyaki was delicious, and the chicken curry was very good. Below, the small montadito de cecina (small sandwich with cured beef) was addicting and the little shots of cream of mushroom soup was a nice touch.
Brownie Dessert taberna del chato
For dessert, a brownie. Cute, but not chocolatey enough!
White russian cocktail madrid Taberna del Chato tapas bar
But the white Russian made up for it– so good!
Gummies at Taberna del Chato
And in true Spanish fashion, to accompany our cocktail we were given some “chuches” (gummy candies). Another nice touch.
Taberna del Chato tapas in Madrid
Adios! We’ll be back soon!

We left La Taberna del Chato happy and full, having spent about 25€ per person. It is definitely  a great option for tapas in the center of Madrid, and we can’t wait to return and try their raciones!

La Taberna del Chato

Calle de la Cruz, 25 Madrid

Monday-Thursday: 7:00 pm to 1:00 am

Friday: 7:00 pm to 2:30 am

Saturday: 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm to 2:30 am

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Where do you go to get your tapas fix if you live in Madrid?


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