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Looking Back at Brussels

Brussels at night
Brussels by night.

My first year living in Seville, I joined two friends and headed to Brussels for our puente (4-day weekend). Although the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, we made the best of things, eating our way around the European capital. I would love to return to Belgium in better weather, and will definitely make an obligatory stop in Brussels for more chocolate, waffles, and steamed mussels (not all at once!).

Brussels Memories

Brussels Mural street art

Brussels was full of fun street art and murals. Unfortunately, I hardly took any pictures. Another reason to go back soon!

Brussels Main Square

The main square in Brussels is impressive, I’d love to see the flower carpet that they make there.

Brussels chocolate factory

Visiting a chocolate factory was the perfect way to escape from the rain!

Brussels waffle

 The first of many waffles with some brown sugar on the side.

waffle cart in brussels

More waffles!

Belgian beer in brussels

 Waffles by day, Belgian beer by night.

Seafood stand in Brussels

 Seafood restaurants line the streets in the evening, temtping people with their fancy displays.

Steamed mussels in brussels

We couldn’t resist some steamed mussels, a Brussel specialty!

Belgian fries in brussels

This late night snack was another favorite– a delicious sandwich with sausage and caramelized onions. The best drunk food ever!

brussels at night

Brussels has a variety of fun signs that light up at night.

Overall, Brussels was a fun and delicious place to spend a few days. It is also a great base for exploring other parts of Belgium, and even hopping over to Amsterdam.

Have you been to Brussels? What were your impressions? 

This is my second post in my new “Looking Back” series, where I revisit places I traveled to before blogging. Last week I revisited Budapest, take a look! 


  1. I think I had a hundred waffles when I went to Belgium. (I also went during my first year living in Spain!)

    I stayed with my Belgian friend and her family for a couple of weeks during Christmas vacation, and I literally dragged her to all the waffle stands everywhere we went because I could not get enough of all the waffles (powdered sugar ones, strawberry jam ones, chocolate ones, plain ones). I also learned how to ask for a kip kebab, say “alstublieft”, and tell her cousin that we could only get married if we honeymooned on the French Riviera.

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