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Maiia Thai: Best Thai Restaurant in Madrid

Maiia Thai best Thai restaurant in Madrid

I continue on my search for the best Thai restaurant in Madrid, and I’m happy to say that I might have found it! Tied with Pui’s Thai Tapas for my favorite Thai food in the city, Maiia Thai wins points for being an excellent deal and having a bit more ambiance than tiny Pui’s.

Maiia Thai

I stumbled upon Maiia Thai one afternoon when searching through Yelp. I was ravenous, and Thai food was on my mind. After reading through the great reviews, I made my way over for a menú del día.

On that visit I was camera-less, and the low lighting made my phone’s pictures look pretty unappetizing. So I’ll tell you about it instead. I ordered their papaya salad for a first course, followed by pad Thai. I asked for the salad to be spicy, hoping they’d actually listen. Oh they did. It was covered in Thai bird chiles, sliced up and scattered around. It was addictively spicy, and also enormous. After finishing off the delicious mountain (and nearly crying in the process), it was on to the pad Thai– equally huge. It was very good, served as I like it with limes and ground peanuts. I asked for some chile sauce on the side and it was perfect.

I couldn’t finish the pad Thai so I had them wrap it, which wasn’t a problem. For dessert I chose a delicious coconut and black rice pudding. It was one of the best Thai desserts I’ve ever tried (tied with mango sticky rice of course).

All this for 10.50€! I was hooked and soon came back again with Alejandro.

We booked through El Tenedor for a 40% discount on the menu (rules being that each person ordered a minimum of two items). We ordered accordingly, sharing an appetizer, two mains, and dessert. We left stuffed!

Tip: Reserve in advance on their website for a similar discount, or check out their fixed price menu options. If you get stuck ordering a la carte, it could actually be quite expensive.

Maiia Thai best Thai restaurant in Madrid
Chicken satay and peanut sauce.
Maiia Thai best Thai restaurant in Madrid
Mango salad.
Maiia Thai best Thai in Madrid
Pork dumplings.
Maiia Thai best Thai restaurant in Madrid
Yummy pad Thai.
Maiia Thai best Thai food in Madrid
Lemongrass and coconut milk curry with chicken.
Maiia Thai best Thai restaurant in Madrid
It isn’t much to look at, but this coconut milk and black rice pudding is to die for!
best Thai restaurant in Madrid
Banana stuffed crepes were also nice (but the pudding was better!).

If you are looking for very reasonably priced Thai food in Madrid, definitely check out Maiia Thai. It’s my go-to cheap eats That restaurant in Madrid!

Maiia Thai

Calle de la Princesa, 13



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  1. I just started reading your blog. Thank you for this post! I currently live in Thailand (going on 1.5 years now) and am making the transition to Spain in September to teach English. I’m already worried about getting my Thai fix in Spain, especially now that my spice tolerance is on a whole new level. So glad to hear good Thai food is on the horizon!

  2. Have to say i’m a bit surprised about this one! I live around the corner from Maiia Thai and have eaten there dozens of times. I’ve also eaten at Pui many times. Pui, in my opinion is a clear clear winner. Not to say Maiia Thai isn’t good. It’s definitely above and beyond most Thai places in Madrid but Pui man… Pui is seriously the bomb.

    1. I loved Pui’s the first few times I went, but the last time the quality had seriously declined. And I loved the spicy level of everything at Maiia (by request). I also think Maiia is a great deal, but all said and done it is a close contest!

  3. THANK YOU for this recommendation. My friend and I went to have their menú del día on Monday and we absolutely loved it. I had the spicy Tom Yum Soup for my primer plato, and for the segundo we both had pad thai. Everything was delicious, and the staff was extremely friendly.

    Bonus surprise: They even have takeout boxes. Which we needed after such a huge lunch.

    1. Hi Doug, thanks for the comment! I’ve been various times since writing this post, and have had mixed experiences. That said, I also haven’t tried anything better! It’s hit or miss, so if you go definitely reserve online to get the special deal.

      1. Thanks, Lauren! I almost went today but I was too hungry to go that far. I will look to try the Menu Ejecutivo before leaving Spain. Have you tried SIAM? A little place not too far from there at C/ San Bernardino, 6 (near the corner of San Leonardo). I stopped by and took a business card yesterday. The menu is 11.61 (funny). Love your page. Posted a link to What’s Going On, Madrid? Ciao!

  4. I have tried both restaurants but i keep going back to Pui Thai, i find Maiia Thai a bit boring on the taste of the food and Siam’s food are much tastier and bigger portions.

    Also Pui Thai is ranked much higher on Trip Advisor, rating 251 compared to Maiia’s 1151

    1. By this point I’ve had a mixed experience at both. Had days I loved Puis and then where it was awful. Same with Maiia. Just discovered a new place on Calle Cruz that I think I like best of all– Patong Thai. Go for menu del dia- great deal and lots of food.

      1. Thanks Lauren what was the place like on Calle Cruz, are they better than these two listed ?

        Also whats their address im curious now to try them, thanks !

        1. I’m not sure the address, but they’re right at the beginning of Calle Cruz. I think they’re potentially better than the other two, but all of them have been such mixed experiences. If you go, definitely ask for the hot chilis on the side to add to your food if you like spicy. Otherwise the dishes are a little on the sweet side.

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