Easy & Delicious Recipes for Spanish Sauces - Spanish Sabores


Spanish sauces can truly take any food to the next level, and are incredibly versatile as well. Whether you’re spreading it onto a sandwich, spooning it over meat or veggies, or using it as a dip, any one of these sauce recipes will make the perfect condiment!

In Spain, some sauces are traditionally paired with certain foods. Try my bravas sauce recipe for authentic and delicious patatas bravas, or my romesco sauce recipe to pair with grilled calçots or other veggies.

But don’t stop there—there’s an entire world of delicious Spanish sauces waiting to be discovered! Spain’s ubiquitous garlic mayonnaise (alioli) is always a crowd pleaser, and Spanish tomato sauce provides a tasty twist on a classic sauce you probably already know and love.

Black Olive Tapenade Recipe

This delicious black olive tapenade hails from the Spanish island of Mallorca where it’s served as an appetizer with delicious homemade bread. To elevate your next meal, make this easy black olive pate from scratch. It’s perfect for a cheese platter too! Spain is home to hundreds of different olive...
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Traditional Spanish Sofrito Recipe

Today David shares an easy recipe for the base of many Spanish classics. His simple sofrito recipe is an essential ingredient! The secret to Spanish cooking is sofrito.  You might not know it, but it’s the base of most of Spain’s most iconic dishes. Paella, empanadas, different stews and slow-cooked...
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Bravas Sauce Recipe – A Spanish Condiment With a Kick!

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in Spanish tapas bars, you’ve probably experienced the joy of patatas bravas. This classic, cheap tapa is a simple combination of fried potatoes and salsa brava: a bright red, slightly spicy condiment that elevates it to the next level. Learn how to make it at...
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Spanish Tomato Sauce Recipe (Salsa de Tomate)

One of the first sauces I’ve learned in culinary school in Spain is salsa de tomate — a classic Spanish tomato sauce recipe. What makes Spanish tomato sauce different than other versions is the use of onions and carrots– and also a sneaky sprinkle of flour. I’ll be honest–...
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Authentic & Easy Romesco Sauce Recipe – (Salsa Romesco)

My favorite dipping sauce in the entire world is called salsa romesco — romesco sauce — a traditional Catalan sauce made with roasted tomatoes, garlic, ñora peppers, almonds, and hazelnuts. There are as many different salsa romesco recipes as there are cooks, and plenty of people claim that their romesco sauce...
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