Vegetarian Caldo Gallego Recipe

In my house winter means hot soups– and most nights quick and easy bean soups are my go-to meal. Caldo Gallego is one of Galicia’s (a part of northwestern Spain) signature stews. Rich and delicious, it usually features ham hock, root vegetables, turnip greens and creamy local white beans....
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Chorizo and White Bean Stew with Spinach

Last night I needed a home cooked meal. December is always a month filled with Christmas dinners and holiday lunches, and added to my normal food tour schedule, I realized I’d eaten out 7 days in a row (often multiple time per day). As delicious as some of those...
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5 Easy Tapas Recipes

Super Simple Tapas Recipes for your Next Tapas Party Last week I had some friends over for dinner. As usual, I had no idea what to make! It sounds strange for someone who loves cooking as much as I do, but when I have people over I always have...
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