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Bahia Taberna: An Amazing Meal in Madrid

Our visit to Bahia Taberna was a big breath of fresh air after so many mediocre restaurant experiences lately. They get it. Fantastic food, great service, and without the excessive formality some other restaurants rely on. Getting there may not be the easiest thing (it’s located out near the...
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Authentic Chinese Food in Madrid: Ni Hao

Ni Hao Chinese Restaurant in Madrid Chinese food in Madrid is almost always a terrible choice. I rarely order it, but every time a craving gets the best of me I regret it.  And while I did enjoy my meal at the famed parking garage Chinese restaurant in Plaza...
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Sushi in Madrid: All You Can Eat at Zen Bamboo

Affordable Sushi in Central Madrid Finding good, affordable sushi in Madrid has been a challenge this year. We tried one sushi restaurant based on a Groupon, but it wasn’t good enough to return to at full price. Our friends have also recommended a few places, but when we look at...
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Best Pizza in Madrid: Ti Amo Pizzería

I have good news for all my fellow pizza and pasta loving people in Madrid…   I have discovered a hidden gem! Ti Amo Restaurante & Pizzería is a fantastic new Italian restaurant in Madrid that serves amazing homemade pasta, crispy brick-oven pizza, and doesn’t charge you half your...
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