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Eating Chinchón

Only a short drive from busy Madrid there is a small, quiet town where you truly feel that time has stood still. As you wind through the narrow streets into the oval shaped Plaza Mayor, you can’t help but fall in love with Chinchón. But not only is Chinchón...
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10 Ways to Spend Semana Santa in Madrid

Can’t get out of the city this year for Semana Santa? No worries, you live in Madrid! This city has a bazillion things to do, and I can’t imagine anyone complaining that they were bored during their days off. And while this list is aimed at people who live...
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Chinchón, Spain: A Day Trip from Madrid

When you move to Madrid, you soon learn that there are certain day trips that everyone raves about. The small town of Chinchón is one of them. A quick google search results in information about its famous central plaza, an autumn garlic festival and spring anisette liquor festival. Thinking...
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Hiking in Madrid: Cercedilla

Los Miradores Trail in Cercedilla   Hoping to escape the brutal Madrid heat, Ale and I headed out last Friday for a short hike in the Madrid mountains, La Sierra de Guadarrama. I figured that if we went high enough, it might even get chilly (I packed a sweater...
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Visiting Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen)

A Place of Contradictions: Valle de los Caídos  I recently had the opportunity to visit one of Spain’s most controversial memorials, Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen). Tremendous, impressive, and ominous, I’d recommend that anyone making the popular day trip to nearby San Lorenzo de El Escorial also try their...
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Snow and Ski in Madrid? A Day Trip to Navacerrada

Navacerrada, Spain: Up the Mountain and into the Snow!   It’s only February, but spring is officially here in Madrid, complete with 70° weather and cherry blossoms in bloom. After enjoying such a bright and sunny weekend it’s hard to believe that only one week earlier I was playing...
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