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Roscón de Reyes Recipe (Spanish Kings’ Cake)

Today David is preparing for the Spanish holidays with his roscón de reyes recipe! This popular Spanish kings’ cake starts making an appearance in pastry shop windows around this time of year (mid-November), and is the perfect snack alongside a thick cup of Spanish hot chocolate! If you’ve ever...
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Spanish Buñuelos Recipe

Today David shares his classic Spanish buñuelos recipe, a fantastic winter treat here in Spain. This traditional fried dough is one of my favorites, don’t miss it with a steamy cup of hot chocolate to accompany!  I know it’s Christmas when I start to smell buñuelos being fried. These light-as-air...
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7 Typical Desserts from Valencia You Have to Try

Many different cultures have influenced the tasty desserts that valencianos have enjoyed for generations. Common ingredients like oranges and almonds allude to its Moorish past, while influences from Catalonia to the north are obvious in other sweets. Today, all those influences have come together to make the delicious desserts you’ll crave...
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