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My Spain Story: My Family In Spain

By far one of the most exciting parts of getting married in Spain was being able to have my immediate family there with me to share my special day. It would not have been the same without them. All together, 12 of my family members were able to make...
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My Spain Story: Meeting Alejandro

I’m not a very mushy mashy, lovey dovey type of person. But today I would like to forget about recipes and weekend getaways and begin to talk a little bit about why I live in Spain and share my Spanish wedding experience. Exactly one year ago I was in my...
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The Quarter Life Expat Crisis

Questioning My Decisions as an Expatriate Life as an expat in Spain isn’t always tapas, siestas, and fun in the sun. Contrary to popular belief, expats don’t usually spend their days shopping, eating out, and traveling. We have to work, cook dinner, do laundry, pay bills and efile taxes…...
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