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When Life Gives You Pumpkins, Make Pumpkin Bisque!

It’s Halloween time again and the stores in Madrid are halfheartedly decorated with a pumpkin or two. It’s not quite as obvious as in the US, but the eager Spaniards are quickly catching on—advertisements for haunted theme parks crowd the metro and Halloween costumes are sold at every neighborhood...
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My New Home

I can’t believe we’ve almost been in Madrid for a month now. It seems like we just moved in yesterday, and we’re still working on decorating, organizing, and making out little apartment more of a home! So far we’ve been lucky to find an awesome place! With a view:...
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Dining Out in Spain: An Expat’s Guide

A Guide for Dining Out in Spain Dining out in Spain can be confusing for visitors and expatriates alike. The crazy mealtimes, lack of menu translations, and the extensive variety of pork products we never even knew existed can make any seasoned gourmand a bit frustrated. Here I present...
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