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Dining Out in Spain: An Expat’s Guide

A Guide for Dining Out in Spain Dining out in Spain can be confusing for visitors and expatriates alike. The crazy mealtimes, lack of menu translations, and the extensive variety of pork products we never even knew existed can make any seasoned gourmand a bit frustrated. Here I present...
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When Taking the Bus Is Your Best Option

We’ve just started our 8-hour bus ride to Madrid and, until opening my computer, I’ve been enjoying the scenery of Andalucía. Arid farmland with white windmills in the background, a shepard with his enormous flock of black and white sheep, a small, whitewashed village with a castle in the...
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Bravely Baking A Birthday Cake

Despite the small kitchen, uneven oven, lack of measuring cups and scale, and 2 pans of completely different sizes, I went against my better judgement and made it anyway. I mean, no birthday is complete without a good birthday cake and Cadiz isn’t exactly famous for its baked goods....
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