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Where to Eat in Toledo: Restaurante Fabula

One of our favorite day trips from Madrid is definitely the hilltop city of Toledo. As the former Spanish capital, Toledo is especially known for its stunning historic center (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), gorgeous cathedral, handcrafted swords, and marzipan sweets. Toledo’s cuisine is also highly regarded by the...
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Alicante Style Chicken

Chicken Anyone? One of the things that really stuck out to me when I moved to Madrid were the city’s many Pollerías— roasted chicken shops. Simply walk down a Madrid street and you’re likely to run into at least one, usually filled with plump and crispy chickens spinning about,...
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Mojo Picón Sauce Recipe

This easy and delicious mojo picón sauce recipe makes the perfect condiment! In the Canary Islands there is no doubt that the sauce of choice is the slightly spicy mojo picón. The red version is my favorite, a bit smokey and spicy, and perfect when served with the small,...
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Flavors of Murcia

A perfect mix of coast and mountains located between Valencia and Andalusia, Murcia is yet another culinary dream come true. I know I keep saying that as I travel through Spain, but can I help it that my adopted country has some damn impressive cuisine? Sometimes I feel like...
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