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Thai Food in Madrid: Pui’s Thai Tapas

Pui's Thai
The small bar at Pui’s Thai Tapas.

Every time I visit the US there are a certain things I need to eat.

Clam chowder, eggs benedict, Mom’s poppy seed bread, good bagels and Thai food usually top the list. My sister and I almost always make time to go out for Thai food together, and we eat enough for four people! Finding good Thai food in Spain has been extremely challenging. There are very few Thai restaurants in Spain (I think Seville had one) and they are usually over priced and not very good. I know that there are various Thai restaurants in Madrid, but I’ve yet to try any of them. I think I’ve been afraid of disappointment and a steep price tag!

This year for our anniversary dinner, Ale surprised me with a reservation at Pui’s Thai Tapas, a fairly new Thai restaurant in Madrid. Tucked away few blocks from the Embajadores Metro, I was eager to try Pui’s. With great Tripadvisor reviews, a lovely website, and a Thai chef, I had high expectations.

I’m happy to say that Pui’s Thai Tapas did not disappoint. The Pad Thai was the best I’ve had in ages, and the menu had quite a few dishes I’d never tried at Thai restaurants in the US, making me want to return again and again to try them all!

I would rate my overall experience at Pui’s a 7/10– here’s why:


The food was excellent. Everything was beautifully presented and tasted great. The chili paste was among the spiciest I’ve tried, and the Thai Iced Tea was also good.


The decor is simple and inexpensive, but they do it tastefully and I love the bright green accents.

Pui That
The cute Pui sign.


The service was friendly and attentive and the waitress spoke great Spanish and English. However, we waited for our meal for 35 minutes (I was starving!). They also didn’t have any of the cocktails or coffee drinks listed on their menu available, which was really disappointing.


I thought the prices were great– we paid 52€ for the two of us and that includes 2 beers for Ale, a Thai Tea for me, one (huge) dessert, and three main dishes (which was too much, two would have been enough). We took the curry home and ate it for dinner the next day. They also offer a fixed price menu for 12.50€ per person, but I don’t know what that includes.

Here is a glimpse of our meal at Pui’s Thai Tapas:

Thai Iced Tea
Thai Iced Tea

My Thai Iced Tea was refreshing and super sweet.

Pad Thai Puis
Pad Thai: Stir fried rice noodle with prawns, egg, tofu bean sprouts and peanuts in tamarind sauce.

The Pad Thai was delicious and I loved the garnish on top. It was the perfect size for two people to share.

Crispy duck salad
Warm salad of juicy pear and boneless duck with vegetables, spring onion, shallot, coriander with chili paste and lemon dressing.

This is the crispy duck and Asian pear salad. Wow! It was absolutely delicious.

I would order this again in a heartbeat– it would be the perfect lunch.

Lamb Curry
Charcoal-grilled lamb shank with tasty aromatic curry, ground peanut, coconut cream and kaffir lime leaves.

We decided on the lamb curry. It was very good, but was a bit overwhelming from the kaffir lime. I also didn’t expect the lamb to be on the bone, it was a bit tough and fatty, and difficult to cut since it was covered in curry.

Cili paste
Hot chili paste.

A super spicy chili sauce– delicious but dangerous!

Mango dessert
Mango sorbet on sticky rice served with fresh mango.

For dessert we had the mango mania. I was expecting mango sticky rice with some mango sorbet, which sounded delicious. The sticky rice they used was different than anything I’ve ever tried– it was a bluish color. The mango was fresh and delicious and the sorbet was just okay. Next time I’d ask them to hold the sorbet and give me the mango sticky rice alone.

Overall, we loved Pui’s Thai Tapas and will definitely be back soon.

It just might be the best Thai food in Madrid (or at least the most reasonable). I wish it were closer to my house– I’d probably go once a week! I’ve never been to Thailand (it’s a on the top of my list) so I can’t say how authentic the food was, but compared to any Thai restaurant I’ve been to in the US, it was absolutely comparable to a really good one.

If you are in Madrid, don’t even think twice– go to Pui’s now!

Do you know of any other good Thai restaurants in Madrid or in other parts of Spain?

Pui’s Thai Tapas: Calle de José Antonio de Armona, 7, Madrid

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  1. Ummm…thanks for the recommendation. I love, love, love Thai food so I’ll have to try this place.

    Have you ever been to Siam? It’s near Plaza España and its my go-to Thai place. Good curry and good service at not so expensive prices. Also, there’s Krachai in Alonso Martinez, which is the best Thai in the city (in my opinion.) The only thing is that Krachai is pretty pricey, but it really is delicious. It’s the only place in Madrid that has authentically spicy curry. It made me cry both times I’ve been there and I loved it!

    Try them out and let me know what you think!

  2. yummmm! When you come home in November we definitely have to get thai food. Last time I had it was before the wedding with you and I miss it but only like going with you haha.

  3. I absolutely love Thai food and feel your pain about finding good Thai restaurants, they’re not exactly plentiful in most parts of Texas, either :/

    Strange coincidence: I just recently decided I might start learning Thai (I working primarily on Spanish with a very little bit of Russian and Brazilian Portuguese on the side, one of them will have to go, probably the Portuguese) in anticipation of traveling there perhaps sometime next year–have you ever been? There isn’t a much better place to go if you like Thai food, you know? Haha.


  4. One of the things that makes me most excited about moving from Sevilla to Madrid is the (relative) availability of foreign food, particularly Thai! I will definitely have to try this at some point. Let us know if you end up exploring any of Madrid’s other Thai restaurants!

  5. There used to be one on the Calle Jorge Juan, Lauren, can´t remember the name, but we liked it a lot. It was a bit posh and pricey though, and we´ve never been back. Would love to check out this place – maybe the €12.50 menu. And I agree – the Pui logo´s really cute!

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