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Thanksgiving Still Tastes Good in Spain!

Thanksgiving in Spain
Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for a long time. Great food, family, and time to just relax, without thinking about gifts, cards, wrapping paper…etc. But in the past four years I’ve only been able to be home for one Thanksgiving. I missed the first one because I was studying abroad in Granada. I wasn’t too upset at the time. My sister came to visit and we had a great Moroccan lunch. In the evening my program hosted us at a typical Spanish restaurant where we tried plate upon plate of delicious Spanish food! Last year I missed Thanksgiving again, and although sad, barely had time to notice because we were all so busy here planning our own American Thanksgiving in Spain. I spent the week in the kitchen cooking and baking with some new friends, and it was really fun.

This year, however, was a bit different. Most of the group from last year is back in the US and no one took initiative to host a dinner this year. I almost let the holiday pass by without any fuss, but in the end I couldn’t do it and decided to host Thanksgiving myself, in our small living room and using our oven-less kitchen!

Amazingly, it worked out perfectly. We had all of the typical dishes and desserts, just the right number of people, and although it was chicken instead of turkey, it felt like a real Thanksgiving.

For that I’m thankful!
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