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A Gourmet Basque Country Road Trip

Only four hours north of Madrid there exists a green mountainous oasis called the Basque Country. Crossing over from the dry and vast Castilla y Leon region is quite the experience– you would honestly think it’s impossible that a landscape can change so drastically. But suddenly you’re there– surrounded by the green and hilly Basque...
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Flowers and Food: Visiting the Cordoba Patio Festival

Ever since first moving from the US to Andalusia in 2009, I’ve been hearing people rave about the Cordoba Patio Festival. Like a home and garden show, the Cordoba patio festival is a special time of year when private Cordoba homes open up their doors and display their ornate patios for the world...
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Visiting the World’s Oldest Olive Trees

“If these olive trees could talk, they’d have a lot to say,” explained our guide Augustin as we made our way through the arid olive groves of the Finca del Arión. And he’s right– according to local experts the local millennium olive tree groves in north eastern Spain are home to some very...
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