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Pictures from a Photogenic Day

As we left Madrid for Extremadura the forecast was predicting a weekend of rain and thunderstorms but, luckily, the sun was determined to shine. Over the next few days white puffy clouds filled the sky, threatening a storm that never came. It was what I like to call photogenic weather. So before I get into the details of our trip through Extremadura I would like to share some shots taken in Trujillo, Spain using some of the techniques I’ve been practicing since reading Getting Out of Auto.

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If you are at all interested in photography I greatly recommend this helpful e-book, which has given me the confidence to shoot in manual and get some great pictures. I’m still learning, however, so if you know of any other tutorials or e-books please leave them in the comments!

Photogenic Trujillo, Spain 

Trujillo Semana Santa

A girl and her mother stand outside of the village church after Palm Sunday mass.

Trujillo Semana Santa Procession

 The Palm Sunday procession passes by as villagers admire.

Iglesia Trujillo

A simple steeple adorns this church.

Castle of Trujillo

My first glimpse of the castle as we make our way up the hill.

View of Trujillo

Taking in the view of Trujillo from the grounds of the castle.

Trujillo Extremadura

 Orange trees, red roofs, and mountains in the background—gorgeous!


Busy bees adorn the wildflowers.


Trujillo, seen from another perspective.

 Look at those clouds!

My niece Elisa is enjoying her photo shoot.


Does anyone know the name of these purple flowers?


Trying so hard to be sunny!


A lock on the door of the cemetery.

The most romantic door I’ve ever seen.

If you guys have pictures from a photogenic day please leave a link in the comments– I love staking your blogs too!


    1. Hey Cat, I’ve been here all Semana Santa with the novio — he’s from here. I’m heading down to Sevilla tomorrow for a few days, maybe we can meet up. Also, I’ll be back in Trujillo from June 6 or 7… their “feria” is in June, but definitely nothing like the feria in Seville. Also, you might be interested in coming the first weekend in May when they have their Feria Internacional de Queso y Vino. Best fiestas ever!

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