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Professing My Love for Granada

Visit Granada Spain
Good morning Granada!

Every trip I take, I’m reminded that Spain is a beautiful, complex country, which is surprisingly diverse despite being around twice the size of Oregon in the United States. Each region is truly its own, offering a different landscape, style of architecture, gastronomy, and people. One of the most strikingly different parts of Spain is Granada. Occupied for nearly 700 years by the Moors, it is a place where two cultures collide in the most beautiful way.

visit Granada Spain
The Moorish beauty inside of the Alhambra palace.

Granada is one of Spain’s cities that embraces Spanish tapas culture to the fullest, offering a “free” tapa included in the price of every drink you order, so you might think that any gastronomic traces of the Moorish empire would already be long gone. But then you stroll the street of Calle Elvira and make your way into the hilly Albaicin, where there is probably a Kebab shop per person, and tea houses line the streets. It starts to feel like a slightly more polished version of a Moroccan souk.

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Granada tapas at Taberna Mas que Vinos
A delicious tapa to start the night.
Tea in Granada
Tea time in Granada.
Granada Spain restaurants
Moorish influence in the restaurants of Granada.
visiting Granada Spain
The shops in Granada could easily be in a Moroccan souk.

But between bites of sticky, honey and nut filled pastries and warm, exotically spiced kebabs, you hear clapping and glance over to an impromptu flamenco performance in the streets. A young boy sings soulfully as his father plays the guitar. The gypsy family asks for money after the performance and you can’t help but contribute.

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View of Granada Spain
The view of Granada from the Alhambra.
visit Granada Spain
One of Granada’s many gorgeous plazas.
Granada gardens
Visiting the gardens of the Alhambra.
Alhambra in Granada
Goodnight Granada!

Granada is the Alhambra, the Albaicin, the graffiti in the streets, and the food. It’s the view of the Sierra Nevada mountains, still capped with snow, as you take a walk in your T-shirt. It’s polka-dotted flamenco dress shops and large, peaceful plazas where children weave in and out of the terrace tables playing tag.

For me, Granada is truly magical. Have you been yet?

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