Fresh cold vegetable soup from southern Spain. The classic recipe uses tomato, peppers, onion, cucumber, and garlic.



This  surprising combination is another classic tapa in Spain. The sweet-savory flavor combo will blow you away!

Eggplant & molasses


These little green peppers are flash-fried in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. So simple, yet so delicious!

Padrón peppers


Double-fried potatoes slathered in a paprika-based sauce that gives just the perfect amount of kick. Perfect with an ice-cold beer!

Patatas bravas


This nutty, smoky sauce is a classic accompaniment for Catalan spring onions (calçots), but would be perfect with any other grilled veggies, too.

Romesco sauce


We love our garlic here in Spain, and it's put to great use in this simple tapas recipe. These garlic mushrooms are perfect for sharing!

Garlic mushrooms


An incredible chilled garlic and almond soup. Top it with sliced white grapes for a healthy and refreshing summer meal!

Ajo blanco


A simple stew, flavored with cumin and paprika. It's also a typical tapa for Easter week!

Spinach & chickpeas


Bright, crunchy veggies and a dressing based on classic Spanish flavors make this dish a welcome new addition to the tapas scene.

Lentil salad


A traditional hummus recipe with a Spanish twist! Smoked paprika, pine nuts, and extra virgin olive oil add a touch of Spain to this dish.

Spanish hummus


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