Why make it?

Cold tomato soup, or "salmorejo," comes from sunny southern Spain. It's healthy, delicious, and so refreshing in the summer!

Rave review

"This was excellent. I had salmorejo while studying abroad in Spain. This recipe was delicious, and tasted exactly like what I had in Spain." – Sri


8 tomatoes 1 baguette 1 cup olive oil 1 clove garlic Sherry vinegar Salt 2 hard boiled eggs Diced cured ham

Cold tomato soup, or salmorejo, is one of my favorite Spanish foods. Today I'm making my mother-in-law's famous recipe!

My trick for peeling tomatoes quickly and easily: boiling water + ice bath!

Our first blend will be just the tomatoes. Purée them down into a liquid sauce.

Now we'll add the bread to the tomato liquid, mix by hand, and let it sit for a bit.

Once the bread has been soaking for a few minutes, add the vinegar, salt, and garlic. Then blend again!

While it's blending, slowly pour in your extra virgin olive oil a little bit at a time.

Secret ingredient: hard boiled egg to make it super creamy! Feel free to omit for a vegan version.

Serve chilled and top with bits of hardboiled egg and cured Spanish ham! I hope you love this recipe!