Why make it?

A classic wine cocktail in Spain, tinto de verano is an easy, refreshing, and delicious option for a hot day. (It's also what Spaniards tend to drink instead of sangria!)

Rave review

"Thank you for this! I loved the tinto de verano in Spain and have been looking for how to make it for ages. I'm very happy to be able to enjoy this at home." – Erica


1 bottle red wine 750 ml lemon soda 1 orange, sliced 1 lemon, sliced 200 ml sweet vermouth (optional) Ice cubes

First, add the entire bottle of wine and your ice to a large pitcher.

Now add the lemon soda!

Slice up your fruit and add it to the pitcher along with the vermouth (if using).

Gently stir everything together but don't overmix (or you'll lose the carbonation!)

Serve immediately for best results, and enjoy!