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5 Tips for Seeing Spain on the Cheap

Spain is currently the third most visited country in the world, and with good reason! Whether you prefer beaches or mountains, small rural towns or big cosmopolitan cities, Spain offers something for everyone. But with so much to see and do, sticking to your budget can be tricky. Luckily,...
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Tantalizing Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife offers something for everyone, and every budget. From relaxing beach holidays to adrenaline pumping adventure holidays or maybe just a few days at a relaxing spa, this Spanish island has it all. With year round sunshine and breathtaking scenery, including Spain’s highest...
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Unearthing the Holiday Secrets of Magaluf

Is this your first time hearing about Magaluf?  Then you’ll surely be satisfied with what you are about to hear. One of the best beach holidays you can experience is waiting for you in Magaluf. If you want to explore more, then read on! Located on the majestic Spanish...
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Spain’s Most Famous Skiing Resorts

Winter is well on its way here in Madrid, and that means that the Madrileños are busy making their winter getaway plans. One of the most popular winter escapes is going with friends and family to a cozy casita rural, more or less Spain’s version of a winter cabin....
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Lapland: Wild Adventures

Talking about the wilderness and not mentioning Lapland is inexcusable! Ask anyone who has been, the virgin expanse of land in Lapland is the very definition of winter wilderness, and something you simply must see once. You’ll be transcended to a winter paradise, with white sheets of snow spread out...
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The Northern Lights: An Experience of a Lifetime

The chance to view the spectacular displays of these dancing lights might be any dying man’s last wish. The Northern Lights (also called Aurora Borealis) create such magical colors in the sky that spectators can’t help but be completely captivated. Unfortunately, it is never certain that your desire to...
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