Best Online Cooking Classes for Home Cooks Who Love Travel

Today I share some of the best online cooking classes for home cooks like myself. All are available at Devour Tours.

Online cooking classes are the perfect solution when travel isn’t a possibility. Hosted live from local kitchens around the world, these virtual cooking experiences are the perfect solution for discovering the food of a different country or region. 

online cooking classes Sara's Portuguese cooking class
Sara shows us Portuguese cooking.

One of the main reasons I travel is to experience new foods. I love tasting local dishes, and I always try to take a small-group cooking class on every trip.

But I have realized that once I get back from the trip, I often forget many of the skills I’ve learned. And there are also countless places I can’t wait to travel to — but, in reality, those trips may not happen any time soon. 

Luckily, many local home cooks and chefs have brought their skills online, meaning I can travel to kitchens around the world any night of the week. From pasta making in Rome to the perfect paella in Madrid, these culinary adventures are perfect for people who want to travel with their tastebuds all year long. 

virtual cooking classes - making paella with Chef Arantxa
Making paella with Chef Arantxa

7 Best Online Cooking Classes for Home Cooks 

Escape to Europe on these unique food adventures!

1. Online paella cooking class

If you’ve ever been to Spain you’ll know that not all paellas are created equal! A truly delicious paella is made slowly, with top ingredients and lots of love.

Learn the secrets to a real Spanish paella with an online paella cooking class. Join a local chef from her own home kitchen as she prepares her family recipe and shares stories of her culture. You’ll also get plenty of tips for a future trip to Spain. The best part? Ending your class with a heaping plate of delicious paella! 

More info & schedule: Online paella cooking class

Price: €19/screen (so bring the whole family!)

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 1.5 hours

seafood paella recipe from Spain
Learn the secrets to a perfect paella every time!

2. Online tapas & sangria cooking class

There is nothing more fun than cooking up a bunch of Spanish tapas and enjoying them with a nice glass of wine or homemade sangria. While I have mastered tapas over the years, this class is the perfect thing if you’re just starting out.

online tapas cooking class
Tapas and sangria – a perfect combination!

You’ll join a local chef from his Barcelona kitchen and dive into Spanish classics such as tortilla, gazpacho, and sangria. You’ll learn the history behind these iconic dishes and have the chance to ask the chef questions. And if you’re Spain bound in the future, he’ll also share his top tips on what and where to eat when you go!  

online tapas cooking class - best online cooking classes for home cooks
Chef Enrique will have you perfect your tortilla flip!

More info & schedule: Online tapas & sangria cooking class

Price: €19/screen (so bring the whole family!)

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 1.5 hours

3. Online Roman pasta class 

Italians make delicious food everywhere, but at the top of the list is Roman pasta. Join this pasta class live from Abbie’s kitchen in Rome to prepare lunch (or dinner) two ways.

Three essential Roman pasta dishes: cacio e pepe, carbonara and amatriciana.
Make Roman pastas with Abbie — glass of wine encouraged!

You’ll first dive into the history of Roman pasta, and then make a creamy carbonara and saucy amatriciana. Open a glass of Italian wine, spread your checkered tablecloth and transport yourself to Italy with this fun experience. And if you’re planning an Italy trip in the future, Abbie knows all the best places to recommend!

More info & schedule: Online Roman pasta cooking class

Price: €19/screen (so bring the whole family!)

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 1.5 hours

4. Online Portuguese cooking class

Portuguese cuisine is absolutely delicious but not many people are familiar with its most famous dishes. Join Sara, a Portuguese home cook as she tells you about growing up in her family’s restaurant business. She will show you how to make some of the most traditional Portuguese dishes, such as bacalhau a bras — a salt cod dish that is the definition of Portuguese comfort food. 

virtual cooking classes
Cook along with Sara, live from Lisbon!

More info & schedule: Online Portuguese cooking class

Price: €19/screen (so bring the whole family!)

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 1.5 hours

5. Online pintxos cooking class

Basque pintxos are a way of life in northern Spain and the area is world-famous for these small bites. Claudia is a talented cook who will share everything from her family recipes to her more modern skills learned at the Basque Culinary Center.

online pintxos cooking class
Recreate beautiful Basque pintxos from home.

In this virtual cooking class, you’ll get the chance to prepare three delicious pintxos under her watch, and she’ll help you every step of the way. In between steps, feel free to ask her about life in the Basque Country (or her plans to make food for astronauts someday!). 

More info & schedule: Online Basque pintxos cooking class

Price: €19/screen (so bring the whole family!)

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 1.5 hours

6. Online olive oil class

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about liquid gold, this online olive oil class is the perfect way. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of buying and tasting olive oil — you’ll also learn to cook with it. And you’ll end the class by making one of the most delicious olive oil covered snacks you can imagine (hint: chocolate is involved!). 

The Keys to Spanish Cooking: Olive OIl
A bit of olive oil makes everything better! Photo by Courtney Likkel

More info & schedule: Online olive oil class

Price: €19/screen (so bring the whole family!)

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 1 hour

7. Make a medieval recipe

One of the most unique online cooking classes for home cooks is definitely a medieval cooking experience. Join Barcelona-based food historian, Hannah, as she tells you all about the tastes of the medieval kitchen in Europe, and then shows you how to cook a delicious dish from these times. 

online cooking classes for home cooks
Learn all about the medieval kitchen with Hannah!

More info & schedule: Online medieval recipe cooking class

Price: €19/screen (so bring the whole family!)

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 1.5 hours

Have you ever taken an online cooking class? Which one catches your eye?

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