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I love to cook and my recipes are a reflection of the Spanish classics (mostly from my Andalusian mother-in-law) and my love for travel. For simple Spanish recipes with an occasional twist, you’re in the right place!

Lauren Aloise

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Mallorca coca flatbread

Mallorcan Food: Ultimate Guide + Recipes

Mallorcan food has an identity all its own. This beautiful island is bursting with fresh flavors, from locally caught seafood and homegrown produce to spicy cured sausages and mouthwatering pastries. Ready to discover this Mediterranean culinary paradise? Local Mallorcan fish The Balearic Islands are a world-famous travel destination, and for good reason. Everybody knows Ibiza…

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Authentic Gazpacho Recipe – The Best Spanish Gazpacho

Today I share with you my Spanish family’s authentic gazpacho recipe. Traditional Spanish gazpacho is easy to make, super healthy, bursting with flavor, and absolutely delicious! It’s usually served as an appetizer in a small bowl with toppings, or from a glass as a drink. Either way, it really hits the spot on a hot day!

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Stuffed Bacon wrapped dates served on a cutting board

Bacon Wrapped Dates Recipe (Dátiles Rellenos)

Learn the secrets to this delicious and simple Spanish pintxo recipe that I’ve made for countless gatherings at home: bacon wrapped dates stuffed with cheese. These are some of the most satisfying, quick, and easy appetizers you can imagine! You can bake them in the oven or even throw them on a hot grill (perfect for summer barbecues). Don’t miss this incredible 4 ingredient tapas recipe!

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Getting around Barcelona

Getting Around Barcelona: Public Transportation Guide

Trying to make your way around a new city can be confusing. Throw in the fact that maps and signs in Barcelona use not just one, but two different languages, and figuring out the public transportation system may seem downright intimidating. However, there’s no reason to freak out just yet—getting around Barcelona is easier than you think.…

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