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I love to cook and my recipes are a reflection of the Spanish classics (mostly from my Andalusian mother-in-law) and my love for travel. For simple Spanish recipes with an occasional twist, you’re in the right place!

Lauren Aloise

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Mom's delicious carrot cake.

5 Family Recipes That Keep Me Close to Home

I last visited the US in December 2018 for Christmas. I had just finished culinary school, and could only spend a short week there before heading back to Spain.  The last Christmas I was home in 2018 I would never have guessed it would be 2+ years before I’d visit again.…

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Travel Post Section

Getting around Barcelona

Getting Around Barcelona: Public Transportation Guide

Trying to make your way around a new city can be confusing. Throw in the fact that maps and signs in Barcelona use not just one, but two different languages, and figuring out the public transportation system may seem downright intimidating. However, there’s no reason to freak out just yet—getting around Barcelona is easier than you think.…

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