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My Story

My Story

The first time I laughed was at the dinner table.

I was only a couple months old, and my Italian American family was crowded into a small Brooklyn apartment, on the seventh course of Christmas Eve dinner. My great Aunt Carmela slammed her hand down on the table, and I began to giggle. I like to think of that moment as the beginning of my lifelong love affair with food.

Food fascinates me because it transcends our simple need for nourishment. Eating is so much more– it’s family, memories, and comfort. Food is both essential and emotional, and that combination is a beautiful thing.

When I was 12 years old I considered attending culinary arts school, but was quickly convinced I needed a liberal arts education instead. And while I loved my literature and history classes, I always felt there was something missing.

So I started working at restaurants in high school and affirmed my love for the industry. I was lucky to work with some very creative chefs and bartenders, and quickly knew I belonged in that world. I worked my way up and traded studying International Relations in downtown Washington DC to Hospitality and Tourism Management in rural Western Massachusetts.

After graduating I couldn’t imagine working with anything besides food. So I left everything I knew behind and bought a one-way plane ticket to Spain— officially to teach English, but really to discover the country’s amazing cuisine.

Lauren Aloise Spanish Sabores food tours in Spain

Since 2009 I have lived and breathed Spanish food. And that doesn’t mean I’ve simply eaten out a lot! I’ve traveled the country in search of local food and farmers. I’ve met the families behind the food and heard their stories. I’ve learned to cook the most authentic Spanish recipes and started this Spanish food blog. I’ve also traveled around Europe (and beyond) writing about the local food scene in places like Paris, Rome, Lisbon, AmsterdamMunichAthens, New Orleans, and Poland.

Starting My Business

In 2012 I embarked on the biggest challenge of my life thus far. I started a small food tour company called Madrid Food Tour. Starting a business in Spain wasn’t easy, and I’m proud to say that my company has grown to become an award-winning tour operator called Devour Tours.

The Devour Tours mission is to connect curious travelers to small, family-run food businesses and to share each city’s unique gastronomy and local history with visitors. We aim to help local culture thrive, and our expert guides give our guests an insider’s perspective of each city, complete with the story of what we’re eating and why.

We currently offer daily food tours in Madrid, BarcelonaSeville, San Sebastian, Paris, Rome, and Lisbon— and we’re growing! We’ve had over 100,000 guests join us since my first tour in 2012.

Are you a Devourer?

We’re currently expanding Devour Tours to new delicious cities, and can’t wait to share more of the world’s food stories through the Devour lens. If you’re interested in joining us on this exciting adventure, please get in touch. And if you’re visiting a Devour city we’d love to have you join us!

Spanish Sabores Blog

So if you like food, travel, and stories– you’re in the right place. This is where I share my love for Spanish cuisine and culinary tourism.

Spanish Recipes

Hungry yet? These are the top recipes on Spanish Sabores– for more check the whole Spanish recipe blog section:

City Food Guides

These are my city gastro guides, free food guides for travelers to my favorite cities in the world (more guides coming soon!)

Hotel Guides

My hotel guides are written with fellow foodies in mind — and include tips for where to eat nearby!

Tapas Tours & Food Tours in Spain

Coming to Spain? These are my company’s food tours and tapas tours in Spain!

Spain Off the Beaten Path

If you like going off the beaten path like I do, here are my favorite Spanish destinations that aren’t as popular as they should be– yet!

Spanish Ingredient Guide

On Video

I sometimes appear in videos for Devour Tours YouTube channels. Check me out below!

Contact Me

I can be contacted by email for advertising or speaking engagement inquiries.

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  1. Yes Lauren–your life has been an adventure for all of us and I look forward to seeing what’s around the corner!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Hi Lauren, I found your blog via Jenna (I stayed with her for Thanksgiving in Sevilla my first year in Spain 09′!) and know Cat through the blogging community as well. I’m an expat here too. Looking forward to reading your adventures and recipes!

  3. Hi Lauren! I was very excited to find your blog! We have so much in common. I’ll be following along to see how things are going for you. I’ve been married to my Spaniard for 5 years, we have two kids, and life here is still a beautiful, sometimes frustrating adventure. Good luck.


  4. Could you find a recipe for OBLEAS – Colombians combine it with arequipe to make a great desert- Thin obleas is similar to the Catholic Host, the cookie- like given by the Priest at Communion. Thank you

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